Stocking the Bar 101: What to Keep at Home

When stocking your home bar, I say drink what you like! Whether it’s an $8 vat of college quality vodka, or a pretty $40 bottle of Grey Goose…stock your bar to your own taste and don’t worry about what anyone thinks!

We like to keep a pretty decently stocked bar in our butler’s pantry at all times, because: We don’t get out much, we like to have Happy Hour dates in our kitchen, you never know when guests will stop by, and we like to have choices.

In our home bar, we keep the basics at all times:

Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Spiced Rum, & Tequila.  We also keep several types of wine, reds and whites, and some smaller bottles of sweeter wines for guests who don’t have my same dry tastes.  Also several kinds of beer, even some home-brew!

I like to have around a few funky “extras” for a fun change: Hot Damn and Bailey’s Irish Cream when it’s cold outside…add them to coffee and hot cocoa. I like bacon flavored vodka or spicy peppered vodkas for Bloody Mary’s. And some random flavored vodkas to mix with sodas and juices when the mood strikes.

Mixers are essential. I always always always have fresh limes and lemons in the fridge. I keep tonic water, cola, a lemon-lime soda, lemonade mix, small cans of tomato juice, frozen lime-aid for margs.

On a budget? No problem. You don’t have to sacrifice quality. Places like Aldi and Trader Joe’s have a good selection of wines and beers on the cheap. I like the Winking Owl wine from Aldi, just $2.89/bottle! Aldi also has a delicious Bailey’s knock off. We even sometimes buy cheaper brands of liquor, because if they’re being mixed with something, you really can’t tell the difference (my opinion). Now, if I’m going to have a dirty martini, that’s a different story. I go Grey Goose all the way in that case. 😉

So, you really don’t have to break the bank when stocking your home bar. Explore some budget brands, stock the basics, some wine, and some simple mixers, and you’ll be good to go! Cheers! 😉

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