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Kitchen Decor: Decorating With Vintage Bowls

imageI am absolutely IN LOVE with my collection of kitchen bowls. In fact, I’m SO in love with them, that in my next home (my dream home), I will have lots and lots of open shelving in my huge kitchen to lovingly display my babies. I glance over at them throughout the day, and I just love to keep them out on display. Is it weird that my bowl collection makes me THIS happy? Probably…but to each their own. 🙂
Some are antiques, some are not. Some may have some monetary value, others are worth nothing… To me, though, they are beautiful and priceless.

Here are just a few of my favorite lovely bowls from my collection.

1. White Milk Glass Beehive Mixing Bowl.
This was one of the pieces that we found in our 100 year old house when we moved into it, when I was a kid. The previous owner left behind a lot of treasures. I cherish them. This bowl has been with me a lot of years and is great for mixing cake batters.
Vintage white bowl

2. Antique Retro Speckled Plastic Texas Ware Mixing Bowl.
This bowl was once in an old box of miscellaneous kitchen junk that came out of my family’s old RV. It was a box of stuff that no one wanted, so it got pawned off on me and sat in my attic for about 2 years until I decided to tackle the clutter. I saw this little girl and fell in love immediately. Apparently these are worth big bucks these days, but she’ll be with me forever and she’s priceless.
Texas Ware Vintage Bowl

3. McCoy Pottery Striped Bowl.
One of the most valuable names in the pottery world, this bowl is the real McCoy. I purchased this bowl a few years ago at a great local antique store & flea market called “The Cellar Door”. I’ve bought a lot of vintage treasures there. It was about $20 (it’s worth about $40), which is a lot more than I would normally spend on a bowl. In fact, I went back there twice before I bought it, because I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money, but it was calling to me. It is now one of my most favorite pieces.
McCoy Pottery Bowl

4. Small Round Robins Egg Blue Bowl.
This little gem actually came from Target (not vintage). She had a sister, but…men drop dishes in my home. It’s just how they roll. 🙂 This bowl is great for small amounts of side dishes for a normal small dinner. And the color is SO pretty.
Target Home Decor Bowl

5. Antique Retro Schlitz Glass Bowl.
This was a garage sale find that Dr. B actually spotted with his Schlitz-memorabilia-detecting-eagle-eyes. He is a lover of retro beers (so am I), and he collects ALL things Schlitz. ALL.THINGS.SCHLITZ. We need a bigger house. Anyway, this bowl was just a few bucks. It’s part of his collection, but it sits in my kitchen because I just love the shape of it and it goes with my red accent colors.
Antique Schlitz Bowl

How do you display your favorite vintage items in your home? Comment below! 😉

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