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Vintage Decor: Farmhouse Chic Chickens

I’m a lover of the farmhouse chic style, and I just LOVE decorating with chicken decor. Even though I’m stuck here in town, living the life of a city slicker, my heart belongs in the country. I love rustic old items that look 100 years old, and I’m absolutely obsessed with chickens (I hope to have a few hens of my own some day)! Until then…I can dream. And decorate. Here is a glimpse of some of the farmhouse chic chicken decor at my homestead.
1. Red chicken weather vane. From Gordman’s. Less than $10. This just goes perfectly with the red decor in the rest of my home.
2. Antique vintage chicken. Belonged to my mom. Didn’t everyone’s grandma have one of these back in the day? At one time this was part of a set, but over the years things break or go missing. So I cherish this one!
3. Cute little yellow chicken. From Cato. $1.99! Does your town have a Cato? I honestly don’t know if they’re even still around anymore, but they are a chain of discount clothing stores. They also always have really unique and extremely inexpensive home decor.
4. Large ceramic vintage inspired chicken jar with lid. From Gordman’s. Less than $12…but only because it was chipped on the side (which you really can’t even see), so the manager discounted it for me! I am absolutely in love with this chicken jar because it looks so old.
Tell me about your favorite vintage finds!

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