Pretty Bathroom Storage Solutions

imageWe can all use more storage space in our homes, especially the bathroom!
Here’s one of my space-saving solutions from my own home!
This cabinet sits in my guest bathroom, where extra storage is really needed. It stores extra TP, clean hand towels, and guest soaps. I love the drawers because they are actually vintage-looking wire baskets. The cabinet fits well with my vintage farmhouse chic decor, but it’s not vintage at all…I got it at Gordman’s (for under $100)! It’s made of really high quality solid wood, which is great (I hate that cheap particle board crap). 😉
On top I have a few if my favorite pretties…a vase fromTJ Maxx, a handmade piece of pottery I got for 10 cents at a thrift store, the letter “B,” for our name, which I also got at Gordman’s, and an antique towel I got at an antique show. See the key on top? We found it in our 100 year old home when we moved in! Such a nice surprise.

Bathroom storage can be pretty!
Bathroom storage can be pretty!

Do you have any unique ideas for extra bathroom storage? Leave your feedback below! 🙂

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