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Baby’s First Year: Month-by-Month Photos

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Month by month photos of your baby are a precious keepsake!

Taking month-by-month photos that document baby’s growth in the first year has become such a popular thing to do. And I love it! So many moms out there are SO creative!
There are so many unique ideas out there, and given the adorable subjects being photographed, you just can’t go wrong. 🙂 I’ve seen babies photographed in the same outfit every month, showing them grow into it… with the outfit fitting like a potato sack in month one, and bursting at the seams by month twelve. I’ve seen some parents photograph their little one with the same stuffed animal every month. And some parents use cute number stickers on the front of a white onesie.
With the new little Peanut, we’re only at month four, but I really like the pictures I’ve taken so far. I take his picture in his crib each month with the same backdrop (chevron sheets and pillows)… It’s simple, and simple is all I have time for. 🙂 I like how you can REALLY notice the growth each month when the photo is taken with the same back drop. Then I spell out how many months he is in either blocks or foam letters. Really, I use whatever I can find scattered on the playroom floor! 🙂 Messes…messes everywhere, I tell ya.
After I take the twelfth photo, I will print them all out, with the age typed out, like in the photo above. Cute, huh? 🙂

What cute ideas are you using for your baby’s monthly photos? Share your ideas below in the comments section! 🙂

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