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Money Saving Meal Plans Week 1: How I Feed My Whole Family For About $60 A Week

If you like my frugal meal plan series, you’ll LOVE my Ebook! 1 Month of Dirt Cheap Dinners brings you an entire month of easy, frugal & delicious recipes, along with money saving meal plans and shopping lists! Best part, it’s only $2.99!     ABOUT MONEY SAVING MEAL PLANS We live on a budget to help bring us closer to achieving our dream of being completely debt free! One way we are able to do this is by carefully planning out our money saving meal plans and frugal grocery…

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Create Your Child’s Entertainment Library For FREE!

Now that the little Pumpkin is almost 2 (Gasp! It’s going too fast!) he’s really starting to get more into kid’s cartoons and TV shows. I wanted to add a little TV to the playroom and start a kid’s DVD collection, but I also really did not want to drop several hundred dollars on a new flat screen, or a few hundred more on DVD’s. So, the frugal girl inside me got creative and went to work!

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