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Daily Splurge: Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps

#bathandbodyworks #soap

Worth the splurge…Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps

I don’t splurge often, I really don’t. But when I do, it is on things in life that make me really super happy and brighten my day. Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps definitely do this, every time I wash my hands…which is a lot when there are 2 dirty bottoms that need constant diaper changes! 🙂

#bathandbodyworks #soap

I love the new Spring scents at Bath & Body Works!

These soaps smell SOOOO GOOD! People even notice it when I walk by. I get told, “Wow, you smell good!” and I wave my hands in front on their face… It’s just the soap! 🙂

I love the price of these soaps, and that’s one reason I don’t feel bad about splurging on them. I can stock up on these for CHEAP, because Bath & Body Works has awesome sales PLUS coupons you can use during the sale. You can usually get them for a “6 for $20” deal, plus you can always count on taking a few more dollars off with coupons.

One secret tip I’ve learned: the salespeople keep a little keychain with ALL their current coupons behind the counter, so if you accidentally left your coupon at home, you can just tell them which one it was and they’ll scan it and give you credit! Awesome customer service, huh?

I’ve never met a Bath & Body Works soap that I didn’t like! 🙂

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