#Bloody #Mary #cocktail #recipe

Cocktail Recipe: Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

#Bloody #Mary #cocktail #recipe
A Bloody Mary bar is the perfect brunch addition!

A Bloody Mary bar is the perfect addition to your weekend brunch. It’s a fun and interactive beverage idea that your guests will love!
Here’s what you need to make it! 🙂

#bloody #mary #bar #cocktail #recipe
A Bloody Mary Bar with Major Peters Bloody Mary Mix.

Tomato juice. First things first…you can’t make a Bloody Mary without it! 🙂 I prefer to go old school and just do a basic tomato juice base, rather than a pre-made mix, and let everyone doctor it up with their spices and flavors to suit their own taste.

Vodka. You can go as fancy-shmancy OR as cheap as you like here. I go for a good bargain vodka, since it’s being mixed with other things. If you want to get really crazy, you can add Sriracha, Pepper, or Bacon flavored vodka!

Hot sauce. Spice it up! A Bloody Mary just isn’t the same without a little heat.

Spices. Salt, pepper, celery salt, garlic powder, chili powder, Worcestershire Sauce, liquid smoke.

Garnishes. Use one garnish in your glass, or 10! 🙂 The fun of a Bloody Mary bar is adding anything you want and going completely over-the-top! Celery, olives, limes, lemons, pearl onions, baby corn, pickles, pickled asparagus, cucumbers, carrot sticks, meat sticks, cheese.

And finally…here are some tips from our friends at Waitrose on how to make the perfect, classic Bloody Mary.

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