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Week 2: How I Fed My Family For $48.90 This Week!

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#frugal #groceries #recipes
Frugal weekly meal plan, with recipes and shopping list!

Welcome to WEEK 2 in my money-saving meals series! Be sure to check out the rest of the series, too! WEEK 1 HereWEEK 3 Here

The details:
We live on a budget to help bring us closer to achieving our dream of being completely debt free! 🙂
We feed our entire family on a budget of less than $250 per MONTH! Our average shopping trip is around $60 per week. We shop one time per week ONLY, either on Saturdays or Sundays.
This is less than what most people spend in a week!

This week I fed our family for $48.90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, we will have to run and buy milk at some point. AND…the reason I was able to spend such a small amount was because I am still using a few left over items from last week’s shopping list.
If you didn’t see last week’s list and meal plan, you can view it HERE.

This is based on a family of 4. This includes 7 dinners and 7 breakfasts for us all, plus lunches all week for 1-2 adults (since the entire family isn’t always home during the day).

These calculations assume that you do already have some basics stocked in your pantry, like seasonings, oil, butter, etc. Also, it doesn’t figure in the things I buy in bulk and stockpile, like canned veggies, because I only buy those 1-2 times per year when I can get them on sale (and combine with coupons) for about 20 cents per can. We also can, vaccum-seal and freeze tons of our own garden veggies in the summer and eat them all year long. I’m giving you main dish ideas, but I usually also add a veggie for a side dish, which is “free” for me because they come from our garden or stockpile. And then there’s the bonus that the hubby likes to fish, and we usually have fish in the freezer when his outings are successful. Told ya were frugal! 🙂

To simplify dinner planning, I’m going by this guideline:

-Meatless Monday…eliminating meat one day a week saves money!
-Tortilla Tuesday…because everything tastes better in a tortilla.
-Web Wednesday…every Wednesday, a new recipe from the web that I’ve been wanting to try.
-Throwback Thursday…some of our favorite old-school recipes from our favorite little old ladies.
-Fancy Friday…I try to make something a little special on Friday nights, as a way to ring in the weekend, since we usually stay in.
-Sandwich Saturday…Saturdays are the perfect day for sandwiches, and maybe some soup with it!
-Slow Cooker Sunday…hey, Sunday is the “day of rest”… And it doesn’t get more restful than letting your crockpot do all the work for you!

~~Our breakfast options this week, based on our shopping list, are:
Cereal, Greek yogurt (a few left from last week), toast, eggs, omelets, protein bars & meal replacement shakes (a few left from last week)
~~Lunch options this week will be mainly left overs, because the dishes I’m making actually make quite a bit.

**Here’s my shopping list, and the prices I paid. I shop at Aldi.

Cabbage .59
Mushrooms 1.49
Red pepper .79
Onions .69
Green onions 1.00
Lemons 1.89
Oranges 2.99
Celery .69
Grapes 2.98
Potatoes 1.49
Frozen Chicken breast (bag) 6.49
Frozen mixed veg (peas & carrots) 1.09
Frozen broccoli 1.09
Frozen salmon 2.99
Egg noodles 1.29
Pane Italian bread 3.79
Sour cream 1.29
Butter 2.19
2 cans biscuits .99×2
Pickle spears 1.49
Green olives 1.19
Canned chili WITH beans 1.29
Refried beans .79
1 can chicken 1.79
Minced garlic in a jar 1.99
Aldi version of Oreos 1.69
Cereal 1.87

TOTAL = $48.90

—Main courses for our dinners this week will be:
**Click on the links for the recipes!

*Meatless Monday: Low Carb Veggie Bowl
*Tortilla Tuesday: Chicken & Bean Enchiladas
*Web Wednesday: Easy Chicken Fried Rice
*Throwback Thursday: Tuna Noodle Casserole
*Fancy Friday: Citrus Glazed Salmon
*Sandwich Saturday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches
*Slow Cooker Sunday: Baked Potato Bar

A bonus this week…Included in the money I spent, I’m also going to do something fun and special Saturday morning. I’m going to make my favorite gooey Vanilla-Orange Monkey Bread and have a Bloody Mary Bar (IDEAS HERE) for Dr. B and myself before we go do something fun for the day. I think that sounds like the perfect way to start the day…and his vacation (or should I say, “Stay-cation”). He’ll be off work all week to work on my Honey-D0 List! Yay!

I hope this post helps you with your meal planning this week, and helps you make your money-saving goals!
~Kelli 🙂

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