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20 [Mostly] FREE Things to Do With Your Toddler This Summer

Summer Fun With Your Toddler!

Summer’s here. Actually, it feels like it’s almost over. July has just started, but it’s already a blur on the calendar, filled with one event after another. And by the time August arrives, I’ll feel like it’s practically time for school to start!
The days have a way of getting away from me too fast, only realizing at dinner time that we really didn’t do anything fun today. That’s why I made this list of some fun (and mostly free) things to do with my little ones during the day. Although each activity on this list is very simple, they’re all things that my Littles LOVE to do, and a guaranteed way to make them happy and wear them out! 🙂
1. Go to the beach. For us, it’s just a lake or river beach, but it might as well be an ocean to a kid. Pack towels, sunscreen, snacks, and water. Kids will splash and play for hours. You don’t need fancy shovel and pail sets for sand castles, just use your old plastic leftover containers, plastic cups, and measuring spoons.

2. Fill a plastic storage tub with water and toys and watch them stay busy for at least an hour! My kids love splashing and being messy, and they have as much fun doing this as they do splashing in the pool!

3. Go to the splash pad! It’s fun, and FREE!

4. Play date at the park! Meet up with some other tots & parents at the park, where you can enjoy some adult conversation while the kids have a ball.

5. Go tour your local nature center. They usually have free tours and classes where kids and parents can see many different types of plants, animals and nature.

6. Get a library card and enjoy tot story time, new books, free DVD rentals, children’s programs, and so much more. All free!

7. Go to Barnes & Noble and play at the Lego table. We love going to the book store, even when we don’t buy anything. They always have lots of stuff to see, and this really cool Lego table that kids are always welcome to play with. This is also a great way to get your child socializing.

8. Visit the pet store and teach your kids about all the different animals and fish. We have a great pet store with an awesome tropical fish department. My son loves to go visit “Nemo” there!

9. Go for a nature walk. Let your kids pick up leaves, sticks, flowers & rocks. Make an arrangement out of them when you get home and let it be your table centerpiece.

10. Run through the sprinkler in your yard.

11. Let your kids play outside with shaving cream, hose them off when all done.

12. Build a blanket fort inside on a super hot day. Have snack time inside with flashlights.

13. Collect fireflies in a jar with your kiddo at night and let the jar sit next to their bed till they fall asleep. (Then set the fireflies free).

14. Splash & play outside in a kiddy pool. The hard plastic ones are only $4 at walmart.

15. Find a free petting zoo and let your kids visit and learn about all the animals.

16. Check out free summer kids movies at your local movie theatre. Most towns offer these weekly through the summer.

17. Throw water balloons! You can get a large bag of balloons for just a buck at Dollar Tree!

18. Draw a hot wheels track in your driveway using sidewalk chalk and watch your child have fun with all their cars!

19. Have a picnic lunch on a blanket in the grass. Have yummy sandwiches, a special drink and a treat for dessert.

20. Go to the lake or river and throw rocks in the water. You’d be amazed how exciting this is for kids. The bigger the splash, the more laughs you’ll get!

Enjoy your Summer days! Time goes way too fast to miss out on the sunshine! 🙂


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