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HOME TOURS: Our Second Home

Welcome to our second home. Ahhh…the memories. A lot happened here! Remodeling projects, bringing home new babies, TV shows, sleepovers, trees falling down during storms…It’s truly bittersweet looking back at this 100 year old, two-story gem!
This home was decorated on a DIME, and I think I did a pretty darn good job, if I do say so myself! 🙂
Enjoy these photos!

Photo May 29, 9 59 10 AM

Hey ya’ll…welcome to the front porch! Won’t you come sip some sweet tea with me and sit a spell? 🙂

Photo Jun 03, 10 31 02 PM

Here’s our cozy, bright living room.

Photo Jun 03, 9 32 28 PM

Aren’t you just in love with the character and charm? I just love old homes!

Photo Jun 03, 9 32 39 PM

As I said before, this home was decorated on a dime. The home decor you see was all purchased at Gordman’s, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Goodwill.

Photo Jun 03, 9 33 12 PM

Photo Jun 03, 9 33 56 PM

And now for my baby…my pet project, the kitchen reno! I designed this kitchen myself, and we gutted & had it remodeled while I was pregnant (FUN!) The project was completed just weeks before our little bundle arrived.

We actually got the opportunity to have a TV show, Alliant Energy Power House, film the whole project! What an experience! It was so interesting and fun to get behind the scenes of a TV show. A lot goes into each episode! Here are some clips! Check me out in all my pregnant glory! 🙂

Photo Jun 03, 9 34 51 PM - Copy

Photo Jun 03, 9 34 51 PM

Photo Jun 03, 9 35 02 PM

This is the cute butler’s pantry within the kitchen. Check out that that MONSTER KitchenAid refrigerator! Pretty amazing, huh? We actually had to remove and replace all the molding in the doorways just to get it through. Worth it? Um, YES! 🙂

Photo Jun 03, 9 35 34 PM

Photo Jun 03, 9 35 51 PM

I absolutely adore this huge farmhouse Kohler sink. An apron sink is definitely worth the splurge when remodeling your kitchen!!

Photo Jun 03, 9 36 20 PM

Here’s the Alliant Energy Powerhouse clip of the finished kitchen project.

Photo Jun 03, 9 38 31 PM

Stairwell leading to the upstairs.

Photo Jun 08, 10 08 26 AM

Check out the character in these amazing built-ins! You just don’t see this stuff anymore! I always planned to do something cool to the inside of this, like paint a pretty color and add chevron shelf paper. But, alas, we kept having babies instead. 🙂

Photo Jun 03, 9 39 00 PM

Here’s the master bedroom, designed on such a tight budget…I can’t even tell you. Can you say, “Craigslist, Walmart, estate sale, and Goodwill”? Good, then you get a good picture of my budget! 🙂 Be sure to check out the chevron throw over the mom crocheted it for me! Love it.

Photo Jun 03, 9 39 17 PM

This is my shared office/kid’s playroom…because creativity always flows when you’re surrounded by your kid’s mess, right? 😉

Photo Jun 03, 9 40 52 PM

Here’s an Instagram pic of my office space. Like this chicken wire photo board I made? Check out how I did it here!

Photo Jul 17, 12 31 40 PM

Here’s the baby’s shared room. And, I use the term “shared” lightly, because the two boys literally never slept in that room at the same time. Second home was mom & dad’s bed. Because who needs sleep? Not me. :-/

Photo Jun 03, 9 39 28 PM

Even though their cribs were mismatched, I really wanted a cohesive, matched look in their room. So I made a little DIY Art Project to hang above each crib, and I used the same yellow chevron pillow in each crib.

Photo Mar 07, 5 25 25 PM

Here is the upstairs bathroom (the only FULL bathroom in a family of five) BEFORE:


And here it is after some simple updates. Paint, adding an extra long shower curtain, replacing fixtures, accessorizing, and removing the old brass 1970’s medicine cabinet and replacing it with new lighting and a mirror.

Photo Jun 03, 9 41 36 PM

Photo May 29, 10 16 50 AM

Here’s the quaint little sitting porch off of the bathroom. Such a great spot to sit, read a book, sip some coffee, and smell the lilacs (they grew right beneath the porch and you could smell them all spring…SO SWEET!)

Photo Jun 03, 9 42 10 PM

Thanks for looking, and I hope these photos gave you some design-on-a-dime inspiration!

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