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I Drink Cheap Wine (& that’s OK)


So, I’d like to talk briefly about something that I love dearly, I hold very close to my heart, and I’ve had a secret passion for for the last 13 years…

It’s something I’m also a little scared to bring up.


Oh, dear sweet wine… Fermented grapey love…Purple goodness in a glass…Mom juice at the end of a crazy day.

I really, really love wine.

And here’s the thing. I don’t know much about it, so it makes me a little scared of talking about it for fear that I’ll embarrass myself. I think  a lot of people share the same problem.

But, I know what I like.

I frequently use the adjectives, “very dry, full bodied, NOT sweet, oaky,”…but I don’t know all the fancy wine terms. Does it have “legs”? Am I supposed to spit it out after tasting it (um, can you say ‘alcohol abuse’? Wow, am I 16 again or what?!)

I don’t know what’s right, wrong, or cool when it comes to wine, and I don’t think a lot of other people do, either. So, let’s take the elitist snobbery out of wine.


I think many people stick with their comfort zone and never venture out into all the things that are so lovely and beautiful about wine because they’re afraid. I’ve had so many people tell me, “I can’t drink wine because I don’t know what’s good or bad, I don’t know what all the terms are, I’ll just stick with my beer (or Hawkeye Vodka…or Boones Farm…or Old Crow Whiskey).” They’re intimidated. And that makes me sad.

Many people think that wine is expensive, and that, I’ll tell ya…is WRONG. The house/table wine of the Brink home costs $2.89/bottle. Don’t laugh. No, that doesn’t make me a hillbilly. While I can definitely notice a palatable difference between our Aldi Winking Owl Wine, and a smooth, velvety $12 a glass Malbec when I’m on a dimly-lit, fancy date with my hubby in some sexy ultra-lounge… a wine that’s less than $3 a pop is a fantastic option for folks on a budget (like us). It’s wine. It’s like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s good. Ok I’m lying. Bad wine is bad, and it can be really bad. But, I’ve had very expensive wines that I’d call “bad,” and very cheap wines that I’d call, “good”. It’s all a matter of taste and personal preference.


The people who hung out with Jesus did NOT know what sophisticated wine was! (Trust me, I know!) There was just “wine”. But, they loved it, because wine is delicious!

Are you wanting to get into wine but you have no idea where to start? Then start with your favorite foods, and an appropriate wine pairing.

Do you love chocolate? Then pair it with a yummy Port wine.

Are you going out for an amazing seafood diner? Why not sip on a simple, never-fail Chardonnay?

Are you from the Heartland, like me, where the beef melts in your mouth? Then you’ll definitely want to pair it with my hands-down, all-time favorite…a Malbec!

Just don’t be afraid. Nobody likes a wine snob (or ANY type of snob), so just ignore those people, and start your adventure with wine! 🙂




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