The Look Cookers by Jim Malloy
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The Look Cookers – A Children’s Book to Help Kids Overcome Fears

The Look Cookers by Jim Malloy
The Look Cookers by Jim Malloy

We LOVE books in our home, and I love children’s books that not only entertain, but also teach valuable lessons along the way. That’s why we loved The Look Cookers by Jim Malloy, a book that helps children deal with the common issue of shyness!

Matthew is a normal boy in every way but one. He’s a secret agent. But not just any kind of secret agent. Matthew is an eye spy!

The enemy: The Look Cookers! The mission: The first day of school! The goal: Make it to school without being ‘cooked’!

In fact, Matthew is shy. He does not like eye contact. In his lively imagination, he envisions that anyone who looks at him has special powers – they are the Look Cookers. And he has a name for each type of Look Cooker: Peek Seekers, Glance Dancers, Blink Drinkers, Stare Darers, Gawk Stalkers, Gape Scrapers and Sight Biters (the worst of the bunch!).

Join Matthew on his mission, experience the Look Cookers first hand and discover how he overcomes his fear of eye contact and succeeds in the end.

This is the first in a series of adventures penned by this new team of Jim Malloy and Hannah Stephey. It will inspire children ages 6-10 to overcome their fears – and delight children of all ages with its message and imaginative style.

Awards: Honorable Mention Children’s Literature CNW/FFWA Writing Competition.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book to review. However, the thoughts expressed in this post are my own and I have not received any additional payment for my services.

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