Method of Procedure by Thomas Gosney

Method of Procedure – Thomas Gosney Guides Us Through The Kitchen

Method of Procedure by Thomas Gosney
Method of Procedure by Thomas Gosney

Method of Procedure is a dynamic and innovative new age cookbook with a different twist by celebrity chef Thomas Gosney. His career experiences from AAA Five Diamond Chef, Shaquille O’Neal’s private chef throughout his championship career, private chef for high end clients with vast nutritional needs. Multiple nationwide television appearances, Food Network with Bobby Flay, Hard Copy, Mtv, and The Life with Shaquille O’Neal, just to name a few. Throughout his career, people are always contacting him for recipes and advice on cooking. As he analyzed the problems they were having, he realized most of the issues were in the “method of procedure”. The step-by-step process in preparing the recipe. They needed more detail in the cooking process. Thomas began writing down his favorite recipes that his family and friends asked him to make, perfecting them time and time again. Then he began to describe in full detail how a chef would approach preparing them. Carefully thinking each and every aspect of the recipes. He added his personal notes at the top. Helpful hints and tips that only a chef can share. Also, how the recipe incorporated into his personal life. They might be a favorite from a friend or family member who begged him to prepare every time he cooked for them. A private diary of Thomas’ intimate life. It’s not just the recipe. . . the method of procedure is just as important! This book is similar to having a private cooking class with Thomas in your kitchen. It’s just like Thomas is standing right next to you guiding you along, step-by-step for a successful cuisine.

One thing I love about this cookbook is that it mixes fine cuisine with familiar, classic comfort foods like pasta salads and ambrosia. Gosney puts a sophisticated spin on things your Grandma might have made, and I love that!


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