Host a Wine Tasting Party With Les Dauphins Wines

Les Dauphins Wine Tasting

I’m always excited to try new wines, but I was especially excited to open the most recent box that arrived on my doorstep from Les Dauphins. The bottles!! The lovely, antique-looking, gorgeous bottles!!

Les Dauphins Wines

The first thing I noticed about these bottles was the beautiful, vintage-inspired labels that look – even in real life – like they came straight out of an Instagram filter.

Beautiful Label on a Bottle of Les Dauphins Wine

We had a fun family weekend planned, so I saved the trio Рa red wine, a white wine, and a ros̩ Рfor a fun tasting during our relaxing, casual family festivities.

A perfect trio of Les Dauphins Wine

We’re a family of wine lovers, and we found Les Dauphins wines to be full of flavor, at a budget-friendly price we love.

Tasting Notes:

2013 Côtes du Rhône Réserve Red
Full bodied red with rich flavor. Spicy and peppery. Bursting with ripe summer fruits.
We served with cured meats, spicy pepper hummus, and pita chips.

2014 Côtes du Rhône Réserve White
A crisp, clean and fresh white, with summer fruit flavors.
We served with a turkey and cheese tray and grapes.

2014 Côtes du Rhône Réserve Rosé
Brillant pink color, elegant lychee fragrance with white summer fruits bouquet. Full flavoured and refreshing with a crisp finish.
We served with fresh apples, Swiss cheese and almonds.

A perfect wine tasting party includes cured meats, cheese, and Les Dauphins Wine!

Now available in the US, Les Dauphins sells for around $10 a bottle. For more information on Les Dauphin Wines, visit their website!
You can buy Les Dauphins Wine HERE.

I received free wine for review purposes from Les Dauphin, but I have not been paid to write this blog post.
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