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Fall Reading List – Cozy Up With These 7 Great Books

From post-apocalyptic fiction, to an exercise guide for your brain, a book written by a dog (say what?!), and everything in between… this Fall reading list has a little something for everyone! These great books will make you want to grab a blanket, pour yourself a glass of wine, and cozy up by the fire. I can’t think of anything more relaxing than doing exactly that on a cold Fall evening, when the sun sets early and there’s a chill in the air.

Cozy up with a good book!


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1. The Complete Brain Exercise Book by Dr. Fraser Smith

The Complete Brain Exercise Book features 100 entertaining and engaging brain exercises and puzzles. There are also interactive questionnaires that enable the reader to assess brain health followed by expert counsel on growth and ultimately, positive progress working through the book.


2. Ask Anna by Dean Koontz

With her superior intellect, sharp wit, a warm and fuzzy heart, Anna Koontz debuts her talent as an advice columnist in her seminal work ASK ANNA: ADVICE FOR THE FURRY AND FORLORN. Some of her best advice: take time daily for ball-chasing and belly rubs – the keys (along with sausages) to true canine joy.


3. Cats Don’t Bark by Shane Hipps

At some point in life everyone is compelled to ask the primordial question–Why am I here? How we answer that question determines whether or not we will discover our true calling in life and harness our full professional, personal, and spiritual potential.


4. The Alligator Man by James Sheehan

Kevin Wylie’s crooked boss wants to run him out of town, and Kevin’s long-time girlfriend is ready to take a hike. He decides to leave Miami and visit his father, who he hasn’t seen in 28 years. Heading back to his hometown, Kevin doesn’t realize that he and his dad will become embroiled in a murder case.


5. The Casualties by Nick Holder

In Nick Holdstock’s The Casualties, a man recounts the final weeks of his neighborhood before the apocalyptic event that only a few of the eccentric residents will survive.


6. Still Time by Jean Hegland

From the author of Into the Forest, a moving novel about memory, Shakespeare’s green worlds, and the power of reconciliation.


7. A Lesson in Hope by Philip Gulley

Sam Gardner has been pastor of Hope Friends Meeting for just four months when ninety-eight-year-old member Olive Charles passes away. What’s more shocking news is that Olive has left her entire estate–worth nearly one million dollars–to the meeting. At first the gift sounds to Sam like a like a godsend. Yet as word of the unexpected windfall spreads, it stirs up a storm of conflicting opinions amongst the church members as to how the money would best be used.


 Enjoy these great titles this Fall!


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