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10 No-Fail Bosses Day Gifts


Bosses Day is Friday, October 16, 2015 and you DO NOT want to show up to work empty-handed that day! Whether it’s a large gift that you all chip in for, or something simple straight from the heart, show your boss that they’re the best with these no-fail gifts!

1. Aunty Acid’s Office Manual.
We all need a good laugh in the office, right? This book fits the bill. With 128 pages of funny illustrations and one-liners, this knee slapper of a gift will put a smile on your boss’s face.

Aunty Acid’s Office Manual

2. “Bestest Boss Evah” mug.
If you’re looking for a cute and simple way to tell your boss you adore them, then this mug spells it out perfectly. Fill it with Salted Carmel Chocolates for even more brownie points.

Show your boss that she’s the bestest…EVAH.

3. A Spa Day.
A massage in a soothing spa retreat is the perfect way to melt away the stress of work. She’s sure to love you and give you a big raise.

Photo: Anna Demianenko via Unsplash
Photo: Anna Demianenko via Unsplash

4. Booze.
Your boss deals with a lot of stressful things…keeping employees happy and productive, being a peacemaker, while still pleasing the higher-ups. Help him unwind after a long day with a gift basket of Scotch. Or if she’s a wine drinker, she’ll be thrilled when she sees this trio of reds on her desk.

 5. Calendars.
Everyone needs a calendar, especially busy people like your boss. Whether it’s a nice appointment book they can keep tucked away in a bag, a wall calendar full of cats, or a desk calendar with a daily joke, this is a gift they’ll really use.

6. Fruit Basket.
Edible gifts are by far the best, because they always get consumed and enjoyed. This basket, below, has apples, pears, and oranges, all wrapped up in a pretty package.

fruit basket

7. Tickets.
Does your boss love a good show, but hates to spend the money? Or maybe football is his weakness. Maybe she just wants to go see Josh Groban live in concert for the 7th time. Whatever it is, then chip in with the rest of the crew on an out-of-office experience your boss will love!

9. Take Your Boss to Lunch.
There’s nothing quite like spending one-on-one time with someone to show you care…plus you’re giving them food. It’s a win-win.

Photo: Brandon Morgan via Unsplash
Photo: Brandon Morgan via Unsplash

10. A basket of pampering.
Add a cozy blanket, a great-smelling candle, a good mystery novel, or some decorating magazines, and you’re sure to have a gift that will help your boss escape the craziness of work.

gift basket

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