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Scripture Sunday: I Can Do All Things Through Christ

  Hi! I was just thinking about my week, and about how crazy life is, and how there’s no way I could do the things I do and put in 16 hour days without Christ, who gives me all my strength. Seriously, parents…do you sometimes wonder why you’re tired at the end of the day?? It’s because this stuff is HARD! I just have to say,

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Clean Eating On A Budget Food Wine And Poopy Diapers

Fit & Frugal Weekly Meal Plan to Get Bikini-Ready!

Between New Year’s resolutions and Spring getting ready to show it’s lovely face, a lot of us are starting to think about eating lighter, healthier, and getting our Winter selves in shape for Summer! I know I certainly am! Well, I’m here to help you (for a week, anyway) with a meal plan and shopping list that is sure to lighten your load, in more ways than one!

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8 Radical Ways We Dumped Debt …and you can, too!

As you know, we’re frugal. We were especially frugal in the first couple years of marriage. Because we had goals and dreams that required scrimping and saving, we HAD to be frugal. The things we did in order to dump LOADS of debt are not necessarily for everyone, but they were pretty painless, and they worked. Here are a few of our debt-destroying secret weapons.

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Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog!

I wanted to share with you a post that I originally wrote for my website, because I know a lot of you out there are interested in starting a blog, too, but haven’t taken the leap yet. Hopefully this post will inspire you to join the millions of other bloggers across the globe! We all dream of working from home, where we can be our own boss. As a blogger, it’s possible! Now that I’m officially in year 3 of my blogging career, I’m really beginning to feel confident…

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