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DIY Farmer’s Market Sign With Free Template – Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers

DIY Farmer's Market Sign + FREE Template -
DIY Farmer’s Market Sign + FREE Template –

Hey y’all! I’m not Southern, but I still like to say that! 🙂 Especially because…It’s FALL, y’all! 🙂

I’ve been getting my craft on up in here in a big, big way. I’m decorating my house with lots of cool DIY’s, and I’m starting to make a lot of handmade Christmas presents in preparation for the holidays.

Well, I’m sort of in love with my latest DIY, and I wanted to share it with you, so you can make it!

You know how I love rustic (Fixer-Upper-Style) home decor, right? Oh, I’m sorry, haven’t we met?? 🙂 Well my latest DIY was definitely rustic. It’s this super cute Farmer’s Market sign! I’ve been wanting a big one, but couldn’t stand the thought of spending a lot of money buying one of the cute ones on Etsy, so I got creative and made my own. Here’s how I did it. (OH…and I’ll be adding a video tutorial of this soon on my YouTube Channel, so be sure to check that out!)

DIY Farmer's Market Sign + FREE Template -
DIY Farmer’s Market Sign + FREE Template –

Step 1 – Find your wood. I have a nice stash in the garage, so I just grabbed a piece out there.

Step 2 – Rough it up. My kids like to help me with this part, and little baby Bo already has “distress” in his little baby vocab. “Mama I’m distwessing dis wood.” SO CUTE! I just bang the crap out of it with both ends of a hammer, and make holes in it with anything sharp. You can’t go wrong here. Just make it look old. Get rid of those square corners.

Step 3 – I always paint a quick base coat of a dark color, like black, and make sure to let that color seep into all the holes and scratches you put on it in the distressing process.

Step 4 – After that has dried, I added a quick coat of my white acrylic. I just used craft paint for this project since it will be up on the wall and not manhandled by my kids.

Step 5 – When it’s all dry, I just sand it a little bit and rough it up with sandpaper. Scuff up the corners and remove the first layer of that white paint in several areas.

Step 6 – Next I chose a font and typed my “Farmer’s Market” into an Open Office document (use Word if that’s what you have). You can find the PDF file that I used HERE. Then I printed it and taped the sheets of paper together to form my long sign.

Step 7 – Using a PENCIL, I scribbled on the BACK of my sheets of paper, in the area behind where the letters were. You’ll see why in a sec.

Step 8 – I taped my template into place on the front of my wood, where I wanted the letters to be.

Step 9 – Using a pen, I pressed hard and outlined each letter. Guess what…this acts just like tracing paper, and your letters come out perfectly on the board because of the pencil shading you did on the back! AMAZING!!!

Step 10 – I used a paint pen to trace over my pencil lines on the wood, then filled the letters in with a small stiff brush and black acrylic paint.

It turned out great and I’m really happy! I love this sign, and I plan to make a ton more for the holidays and for Christmas gifts to my farmhouse-decor-loving-friends! 🙂

Hope you like it! Let me know below in the comments if you plan on making any signs like it!

DIY Farmer's Market Sign + FREE Template -
DIY Farmer’s Market Sign + FREE Template –

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