Saving Money Tips From Bloggers

30 Money-Saving Secrets From the Internet’s Top Bloggers

Saving Money Tips From BloggersRemember that one time when I was in Woman’s Day Magazine? Oh, you don’t?? Well…..

Back in September of 2015, Woman’s Day ran a little piece called, “Secrets of the Super Savers,” which laid out 30 really good tips from some of the best bloggers on the net in the money-saving and frugality niche. Besides the fact that some of my tips came in at #5 on Woman’s Day Mag’s list, it truly was such a great article, with really unique ideas on how real people like you and me can save money, that it bears repeating.


In the article I gave some of my fave tips, which included (of course) scavenging my local thrift stores:


Thrift stores are great for kids’ clothes and things like skiwear, but Kelli Brink of finds other cold-weather deals: pj’s, Christmas sweaters and “high-quality wool plaid blankets, like Faribault Woolen Mill blankets from Minnesota,” says Kelli. “They can cost several hundred dollars new, but I can find them for around $3 a pop!” Kelli places a few in antique milk crates in rooms throughout her home to add coziness. “Then my family can cuddle up with them on a cold night.””~Woman’s Day Magazine, September 2015

—->Check out the ENTIRE Woman’s Day article HERE!,<—- It’s especially handy right now, when we are all trying to save for the holiday season!

Original story written by  AND . Woman’s Day Magazine, September 2015.

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