How Do I Become Virtual Assistant | Food Wine And Poopy Diapers

If You Googled “How Do I Become Virtual Assistant?” …You’re in the Right Place

How Do I Become Virtual Assistant | Food Wine And Poopy Diapers

How Do I Become Virtual Assistant | Food Wine And Poopy Diapers

If You Googled “How Do I Become Virtual Assistant?” …You’re in the Right Place

Virtual Assistant positions are growing tremendously in 2018, as more people are working from home so that companies and employees alike can save money. If you are wondering how to jump into this relatively new field, you’re not alone! As you can see above, a quick Google search of, “How Do I Become Virtual Assistant” returned nearly a whopping 58 MILLION search results.


Because getting paid great money to set your own schedule and never have to wear real pants is #CareerGoals.


A virtual assistant is just like any other secretary or administrative professional who assists a company and its employees with a variety of duties. The only difference is, you’re working virtually, from home, the coffee shop, the beach, or any location you choose.

A virtual assistant can work a typical work week for only one employer, or can work just a few hours a week for dozens of revolving clients.

As a virtual assistant, or, “VA,” for short, your job duties may vary immensely. One client may hire you to stuff envelopes. For another client, you might do nothing else but manage their social media pages. Another possibility is answering emails. Your tasks might vary daily, from making phone calls, to scheduling, to conducting market research.

I get into more detail about exactly what a VA does in my ebook course. But, just like any other administrative assistant career, the list of possible virtual assistant tasks is really endless.


A better question is, who isn’t?

Bloggers, writers, and all sorts of entrepreneurs can benefit from the services of a virtual assistant and frequently post ads in search of reliable virtual assistants.

But they’re not the only ones who are looking for a remote assistant to help them maintain their businesses.

Tech companies, publishers, and businesses of all types have put virtual assistants to use.

I actually go further in depth into this topic in my ebook course, The Complete Guide to Making a 6-Figure Salary As a Virtual Assistant. In the book, I list actual places to apply for virtual assistant jobs RIGHT NOW. I even provide a sample resume template to make life easier for you.

How To Become Virtual Assistant


If you were hiring someone to help you with the daily aspects of your business that you just don’t have time for, what skills would you want them to have?

You’d want them to be reliable, responsible, and dependable. You’d want them to commit to a schedule, and be there when they say they will. You’d want them to complete tasks by the deadlines you provided to them.

Those are just a few of the vital skills that a virtual assistant needs in order to succeed.

It’s so important to make each and every client happy, because word of mouth travels both far and fast. Each client you complete a job for is a stepping stone to your next job. They will be your references as you build your virtual assisting business. They will refer you to their friends and colleagues who are searching for a good VA.

Treat them bad or be a flake, and you will do yourself no favors.

You will also probably need a wide variety of computer skills, people skills, and knowledge of social media.

Previous experience never hurts, but is not necessary. You probably already possess the skills needed to succeed in this field. And if not, you can always exercise the motto, “Fake it till you make it.” 🙂


A six-figure income is well within your reach as a full-time virtual assistant working from home. As with everything, it all just depends on how hard you’re wiling to hustle.

Virtual assisting is also just a great side hustle if you aren’t trying to make a full time living. Having multiple streams of income is always a positive thing! So, why not start out by just trying it part time and going from there?



Virtual assistant jobs are real and so is the possible income.

Remember in the beginning of this post I mentioned that the words, “How Do I Become Virtual Assistant,” returned almost 58 MILLION results? Well, there’s a reason for that. Because virtual assisting IS a real thing, and smart folks want a piece of that work-from-home-action.

Do the math. Let’s say you work four, twelve-hour days per week (trust me, work doesn’t feel quite as worky when you are you’re own boss and you’re in your PJ’s)

Let’s also say that your base rate of pay is $40 per hour. That’s an annual salary of $99,840. Just $160 shy of a 6-figure salary.

So, as you can see, a 6-figure salary is no exaggeration!


Many people dream of working from home, but they don’t take the road less traveled to follow their dreams and DO IT. They think that being their own boss is something that’s out of reach, that money doesn’t grow on trees, and life is hard.

You are obviously not one of those people, because you are here, researching how to become a virtual assistant! And, by the way, good job on that. You don’t want to just jump into anything without first researching it.

Another reason not everyone is doing it, is that they simply have no idea how to get started. Starting your own business isn’t always easy. Sometimes it helps to have a little advice along the way.

That’s why I wrote my ebook course, The Complete Guide to Making a 6-Figure Salary As a Virtual Assistant.

In my 28-page ebook, not only do I elaborate on everything you just read in this post, but I tell you where to apply right now for real virtual assistant jobs. I also provide resources and inspiration for starting your new business.


I hope I answered your question, “How Do I Become Virtual Assistant.” I encourage you to go one step further in growing your VA skill-set by checking out my ebook!

Oh wait…I’m not quite done.

Want to earn money from home, and thinking a career as a virtual assistant might not be for you? Have you heard of affiliate marketing? It’s what I do, and I’ve been making a steady monthly income for years now by being an affiliate marketer. This is the program that transformed my affiliate marketing career beyond just Starbucks money. You can try it for free. No credit card or personal info needed.

This post contains affiliate links. You know the drill. Bloggers earn a few cents when you click on a link and make a purchase. It costs nothing to you, and it helps pay my hosting fees! And I sure do thank you! 🙂

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