The Truth About Writing For Fast Cash | Is Zemandi A Scam? Read this if you want real Zemandi reviews.

The Truth About Writing For Fast Cash: Real Zemandi Reviews

The Trutch About Writing For Fast Cash | Is Zemandi A Scam? Read this if you want real Zemandi reviews.The Truth About Writing For Fast Cash: Real Zemandi Reviews

In your pursuit of real work at home opportunities, the thought of writing for fast cash may have come under your radar. It’s true that freelance writing can be a great side hustle for people wanting to make money from home without having to get out of your PJ’s.

The thing is, you really have to be careful about freelance writing opportunities. There are a lot of scams out there. Is Zemandi one of them? I’m going to share with you my real life Zemandi review.


The title “freelance writer” sounds pretty glamorous to people who are not in the industry. That career might conjure up images of traveling around the world to visit different cultures, writing for a big magazine, and making a lot of money.

While some freelance writers certainly do live that reality, the majority do not.

Many freelance writers have a journalism degree and an impressive resume full of amazing experience. Some, though, simply have a mastery of “good” grammar, and a desire to work from home. Many, if not most, freelance writing opportunities are the opposite of glamorous, and, in fact, are boring and monotonous.

When writing for fast cash, quick articles that don’t necessarily need to be great, tend to make up a large percentage of freelance writing today. This is because a lot of the writing is to fill up content requirements and target search engines.


Zemandi is essentially a website where writers (or people who want to write) go to pick up freelance writing gigs in exchange for money. Zemandi has clients who submit their assignment needs to them, and then Zemandi dishes out the assignments to their writers.

The writing gigs available may be something as simple as a 150 word blurb, for which you may earn 50 cents. Or it may be a 500 word blog post, for which you may earn around $2.50. You might get a large assignment, which could be a massive product review that takes nearly all day to complete, for which you may earn up to $20.

If you search online for Zemandi reviews, you probably aren’t going to find many. Zemandi, for some reason, has a lot of mystery behind it. There isn’t a lot known about who owns the company, who its actual employees are, or where it is. If you’re wanting to start writing for fast cash, Zemandi has both pros and cons, but I can assure you that it is 100% legit.

Basically, people who own websites need blog posts on those sites so that people searching for certain keywords on Google are directed to their sites via search engines. Those people outsource their blog post writing to sites like Zemandi, where writers are willing to do the work for very little money.

When you write for Zemandi, you are helping other people (two levels above you) get rich.

First, you are making a tiny fraction of what Zemandi’s owner is making for the work you are doing. They’re getting much more money from their clients than you are for the writing that you are doing.

Second, you are helping the owner of the website you are writing for (Zemandi’s client) get rich. Since your writing assignment uses certain keywords that the client requires, you are helping that person by directing traffic their way. More on that at the end of this article…


Let’s say Sally wants to start writing for fast cash and she stumbles upon Zemandi. She goes to their website to apply. Next, Sally would have to turn in writing samples and upon Zemandi’s review of those samples, she is given a number rating. Then it is determined whether or not she needs to have a probationary period or not.

In my case, since I have a lot of writing experience under my belt, I was able to immediately move past the probationary period and just start taking paid writing gigs.

There is pretty much an unlimited amount of work available to you at Zemandi, and you can work around the clock if you’d like. You also decide how many open gigs you can take on at once.

When you accept a writing gig, it is sent to you via email. You are told what keywords to write, and many words. You are also given a strict deadline by which the work must be completed.


To write for Zemandi, you must be able to speak proficiently in English, although it need not be your first language.

Good spelling and grammar are preferred, although the company states that your writing skills don’t need to be perfect.

In my opinion, the skills and proficiency needed to write for Zemandi are VERY low. They have fairly low standards in terms of what work is acceptable. However, all writing must pass an online plagiarism check, and therefore, must be 100% original.


Anyone wanting to work from home can write for Zemandi. Their writers consist of people of all ages, from all walks of life, and from many different countries.

Zemandi has a writer’s forum, where its freelancers can chat with each other about the different aspects of writing there. They can get to know each other and help each other out when needed.

There are college-educated journalists who write for the company, as well as people with no experience whatsoever.

There is a very large amount of people from lower income countries who write for Zemandi and consider the low US wages to be very good income. For people living in the US, though, the wages are low.


When your writing assignments are approved, you receive credit in your account, and when you are ready to be paid, you can request a payout at any time through PayPal.

Although payments are supposed to be processed within 24-72 hours, that has not been my experience there. For me, it has typically taken a week to ten days. So, if you’re writing for fast cash and want to get paid quickly, the process at this company might disappoint you.


Zemandi is not a scam. If you do the work that is asked of you, and it is approved, you will get paid.

It’s not the most moral company, either. Their guidelines of acceptable work are very vague, and they tend to change the rules at any given time. If they don’t like your submission, you don’t get paid. And that can be very upsetting when you’ve spent hours on an assignment.

You are at Zemandi’s mercy every step of the way. You have no control over the type of assignment that is sent to you or what the topic is. This can be fun and exciting if you are the type of person who enjoys a challenge. But if you like to have control over your content, this is not the place for that.

Their “people,” whoever they may be, treat writers horribly, to the point of being verbally abusive at times. I recall one assignment that had incredibly vague instructions. I was unable to reach their help team via email (which is usually the case), and since I had a strict deadline, I proceeded with completing the assignment. It was high quality writing, but the topic needed some redirection. I thought perhaps I could get some guidance and resubmit my re-write at a lower price… (that’s one catch…if the client requests a re-write, you can do that and resubmit, but you get half the pay).

Instead, I got an abusive email in return. It said,

“Jesus Christ! Did you even read the directions?! Are you stupid?! What a fucking waste of time!”


You literally cannot reason with the people on the other end of the computer screen (whoever they are) at this company. They are right, and that is that.

So, while Zemandi is a legit job…certainly not a scam… do you really want to work for peanuts for people who abuse their freelancers?


Zemandi is not a scam. You do the work, you make the money. But that doesn’t mean you should work there.

The pay is very low. In my case, I was happy with the pay, because I was writing a high volume per day. I didn’t view the pay on an individual job by job basis, but as a whole for the day. It was good fun money for a rainy day and I got to work on my writing skills.

You have no control over the type of job that is sent to you. Some people love this sort of challenge, while some people are left at a loss for words. The job definitely requires flexibility.

The support team can be nearly impossible to reach, and the correspondence and feedback can be, at times, downright abusive, as mentioned above. You have to have an incredibly thick skin to work here because they are truly mean (in my experience).

I can’t say only negative things about Zemandi, though. A lot of the writing I did there, I thought, was fun. It’s easy work. You really do get paid. They even offer 5% – 10% bonuses for writing high volumes of work in a given time frame. At times, when there’s a major back log, they offer additional bonuses to their writers. And above all, you get to do it from home, in your jammies.

If you want to try writing for Zemandi, you need an invite code. Here’s mine. 27182

Writing For Fast Cash | Is ZEMANDI A Scam?

When you register, use this code at sign-up and proceed with the prompts from there.


Remember in the beginning of this post when I explained how you are making other people rich by writing for Zemandi?

If you choose to write for Zemandi, you will not make a lot of money, but the Zemandi company will and so will their client.

Zemandi itself gets paid a lot more for your writing than they pay you for it.

Their client is too busy to write keyword blog posts that bring traffic (and revenue) to their websites, so they outsource it. They pay Zemandi for articles written by you. Zemandi takes a large cut and pays you a few dollars.

YOU should be the one making that money!

Many of Zemandi’s clients are affiliate marketers. This means they own an online business which promotes products, and they make a commission off of any sales that occur. Search engine traffic brings customers to their sites.

If you know how to write articles that target key words for search engines, you are way ahead of the game. If you don’t, it’s easy to find out how online, for free.

If you were to start your own website, doing your own writing, you’d be able to cut out all the middle men and own your own business. This is what I do in my online businesses, and it is the reason that I no longer have to rely on side hustles like Zemandi.

I now own about a dozen websites and I earn a constant monthly income from them. If you want to do the same, I strongly urge you to check out Wealthy Affiliate University, which is the program I used to build my online business and quit the annoying side hustles like Zemandi.

If you need help, I’m just an email away. Click here or click the link below to check it out and to get started!

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