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Seniors Working From Home | Online Jobs For Senior Citizens | FOOD WINE & POOPY DIAPERSAre you retired, but looking to make a little extra money? Maybe your health required you to quit your job before your retirement account was as secure as you’d like it to be. Whatever your situation, there is good news for seniors working from home. Today I’m going to tell you about five online jobs for seniors (or for anyone who wants to work from home).


Yes, you can.

If millions of people from all walks of life, all over the world, can work from home and pay the bills doing so, you can too.

Just because you may be a senior citizen, you are not limited by your age! This is especially true in an online career, because you are your own boss. No one on the other end of the computer even needs to know your age if you don’t want them to!

One example of this is my own mother. At almost 80 years young, she is a self-taught internet marketer with her own website. She has taught herself (and others) how to use a computer, how to build a website from the ground up, and how to navigate through social media. Her website, Authentic Affiliates, generates income for her every single month, and she did not start blogging until she was in her mid-70’s.

Impressive, right?

It just goes to show, that age does not matter when it comes to online jobs for senior citizens. You’ve got this!


Again, your age is a non-issue, so YES…there are tons of online jobs out there for you. Age doesn’t matter. In fact, seniors working from home make up a large percentage of ALL people with at-home careers!

Online jobs for senior citizens are just as plentiful as they are for young people. In fact, you might even have a leg up on the younger crowd, and here’s why.

First off, being your age, you more than likely don’t have young children at home that take up a lot of your time. As a busy mom to three sons, I absolutely do not have as much time to dedicate to my business as I wish I did. Not that I’m complaining…I know this time with them is precious. But, your age definitely gives you an advantage in this respect.

Secondly, at your age, you probably are no longer working a full-time job, all day, every day. Someone in their 30’s very likely has a full time job, whereas seniors working from home have more time to dedicate to the duties of running an online business. You also have more free time to learn the aspects of the business that you do not already know, as well as improving your computer skills and social media knowledge, if those need tweaking.


This is a loaded question, and you can’t paint the answer with such a broad brush.

While there are indeed scams, there are also legit work from home opportunities for seniors.

The tough thing about it for the senior age group, is that many seniors may see an opportunity that looks completely legit, and it may actually be someone looking to scam you. The senior citizen community definitely has to be aware that there are some terrible people in the world who want to take advantage of them.

Most older people are aware of this, and they know not to be super trusting. But, that is the other edge of the double-edged sword here, because it means that while you’re protecting yourself from scammers, you may miss out on some career opportunities.

Not everything is legit, but not everything is a scam, either. The best way to decipher is to thoroughly research, and choose offers that somebody trustworthy has already tried out ahead of you.


One of the scariest parts of working online for seniors can be the learning curve. Online jobs for seniors may require a completely different skill set than you had in your former career. Lucky for you, we all have to start somewhere, and everything is learn-able.

The top skills you’ll need are:

  1. Computer Skills
  2. The Desire to Learn
  3. Patience

I know after a certain age, technology can be really intimidating. Hell, even at my age it can be intimidating. But, everything you need to know, you can teach yourself.

Google and YouTube have taught me almost everything I know. I did go through some very inexpensive paid training to learn a few things that the internet did not teach me, but luckily that was a small (and very good) investment.


I’m glad you asked! Honestly, a true list would be never-ending, because you can do just about any type of online business your heart desires!

But, here is a list of a few of my favorites.


  1. Write an ebook and sell it. You have lived a full life, and you know things…things that other people want to know! Write a book or instruction manual teaching people your skills. My expert tip: don’t put ALL the good stuff in one book. A series of volumes will keep readers coming back to buy more.
  2. Become a blogger and monetize your site. What is your passion? What do you have fun writing about? Start a website, and write write write! Once you start getting good traffic, you can throw some ads up on the site and make passive income from those ads.
  3. Make some cool graphics and sell them. Learn some simple graphic design, and use free tools like Canva or PicMonkey to make some pretty designs. Head on over to Zazzle and put those designs on real items that people buy!
  4. Become a part time virtual assistant. Have you worked as a secretary or in an office in the past? Maybe you’re just super organized and can help people with those skills? Now you can cash in on those skills without leaving home by working remotely as a virtual assistant. It’s one of the fastest growing careers right now.
  5. Start a website and make money with affiliate marketing. Remember my nearly 80-year-old mom I was telling you about? Well, she has a website where she promotes various products with affiliate links, and makes a commission off of those sales. This is also what I do as part of my business. Affiliate Marketing is one of the highest paying work at home jobs. Remember that very inexpensive training I mentioned earlier that I purchased? It was affiliate marketing training through a company call Wealthy Affiliate. It taught me a ton of stuff that no one else was willing to teach me for free. And, actually, a lot of their training is free. I highly recommend checking them out.


If I can work online, and my 80-year-old-mom can work online from home, and thousands of people across the globe can, YOU can work at home, too. Online jobs for senior citizens are plentiful, and there are a ton of cheap and free resources you can use in order to get started. My favorite of those resources are Google, YouTube, and Wealthy Affiliate.

I like Wealthy Affiliate for seniors because the training goes slowly, step by step, from the basics of starting your website and everything beyond that. It’s really simple and easy to understand. They don’t use technical terms or anything that is too difficult. And at the same time, they take you way past the beginner info and into the nuts and bolts of growing your money-making business.

There are a few exceptions…

As much as I believe in affiliate marketing as a career, it is not for everyone.

If you legitimately can barely afford food and medications, now is not the time for you to spend even a dollar on starting an online business. While I want you to succeed, please please please do not invest any amount of time, resources, or money that you do not comfortably have.

Additionally, affiliate marketing is not a magic pill where you start making money the day you start. I’ve been blogging for five years, and before I really knew what I was doing I was not making significant income. It took me lots of trial and error, and finally finding the right training, to grow into a profitable business.

For me, Wealthy Affiliate was the right training. And, while I know it works, it takes time. It can vary from days, to weeks, to months. I value the senior community so much. Working online can be a fantastic way to stay mentally active, as well as to make money, but you need to be totally realistic.

If you’re ready to become one of the thousands of seniors working from home right now, then I really do urge you to click on the banner below to go to Wealthy Affiliate.

Hey there. I need to let you know that we (like most bloggers) use affiliate links on our website. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I earn a few cents (paid by the advertiser, at no cost to you). Thanks for your support.

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