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Best Single Serve Coffee Makers 2018:Things To Consider


Best Single Serve Coffee Makers 2018 | Food Wine and Poopy Diapers

Choosing The Best Coffee Maker For You

Choosing the best single serve coffee makers 2018 can be a daunting task as there are so many new products and features in today’s market.

You can lessen the stress by taking a few minutes to make a short list of the features that are most important to you in your quest for finding the best new coffee maker.

Some features to consider are:

  1. Brew strength
  2. Cup size
  3. Does it accomadate both K-Cup pod and ground coffee?
  4. Does it accomadate the use of a carafe?
  5. Hot water on demand
  6. Will a travel mug fit?
  7. Will it use all brands of K-Cup pods?

And then there’s:

  1. Color
  2. Size
  3. Price

Using this list just helps you remember what’s important to you as you’re going through the features of all the different products.

You may just be looking for the basic product and don’t care at all about all the bells and whistles. Yet others feel if they’re getting a new coffee maker, they may as well get everything available in one package so they don’t feel short-changed later in the process.

Whatever you decide, the list will just help keep you on track and you’ll be happier with your decision in the end.

Enjoy shopping for your best single serve coffee makers 2018 and enjoy your coffee made the way you like it.

Benefits Of Using Single Serve Coffee Makers

  1. ​Versatile
  2. No waste
  3. You can brew just one cup at a time
  4. Your coffee is always fresh
  5. Each person can choose their own favorite flavors
  6. You can choose your cup size
  7. Brews quickly in just a minute usually

There are a lot of different varieties of coffee brewers on the market.

Some others include choices of:

  1. Brew strength
  2. Sizes of water reservoir
  3. Timers
  4. Size of machines
  5. Types of coffee they use
  6. If disposing of K-Cup Pods is a problem for you, you might want to choose a brewer that uses ground coffee, yet still brews single servings

Keurig 575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

If you’re searching for a great, simple to operate, single serve coffee maker, you’ve just found one of the best. You’ll love the large capacity, 80 ounce, removable reservoir, because you’ll spend a lot less time refilling it.  You can’t go wrong with the Keurig 575 Single Serve K-Cup.

If ambiance is your thing, youre going to love the soft night light that is embedded in the water tank, and has several color options to fit your mood and kitchen or coffee bar needs.

With five brew sizes you can’t go wrong and you’ll never have waste.  This coffee maker has five cup sizes to choose from and three carafe sizes to accomadate your crowd size.  Carafe K-Cup pods are available for your convenience as well.

The strength Control feature on this coffee maker is wonderful because different family members prefer different strengths of coffee and you never have to settle for less than your perfect strength.

The five temerature settings are great because some folks like their coffee very hot while others like it a little cooler.  We all have different heat tolerances when it come to hot drinks.

All things considered, I highly reccomend this coffee maker if you are searching for a coffee maker that just makes a great cup of coffee, no matter the strength, the temperature or the size.  Just click below for more information.

Keurig K-Cafe Single Cup Coffee Maker: Our Fave!


If you’re looking for the best single serve coffee maker 2018, this one can fill the bill.  This single serve coffee brewer can serve it up in four different cup sizes, including 6,8,10 and 12 ounce sizes and it uses any K-Cup Pods for making flavored coffee and tea.

This coffee maker comes with it’s own, easy to use frother that is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up and  has a shot feature for brewing up delicious specialty drinks like Lattes and Cappiccinos. It’s so easy to use, You just insert your favorite K-Cup Pod and brew your concentrated shot, froth your milk in the frother,add any other flavors you like and you’re set.

Another feature you’ll love is the large 60 Ounce reservoir because you’ spend less time filling and more time enjoying your Cupa Joe.

This is an all around great single serve coffee maker as it is energy effiecient, programmable with auto shut-off feature, its travel mug friendly and is top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

You can brew your coffee up in your choice of four sizes, you can brew hot or ice tea, you can serve flavored coffees as well as lattes and cappiccinos.  So no matter what your family or gust prefer, you can handle it with the Keurig K_Cafe

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 49950C

​If you’re looking for versatility, this is it.  You can brew up a single serving or make a whole twelve cup pot of your favorite coffee.

You have lots of choices here because you can use k-cup packs or if you prefer, you can use your own favorite ground coffee.  I know some folks feel that K-Cup Pods or Packs are too expensiveand are not very invironmentally friendly.  It’s good that you have the choice to use ground coffee with this brewer so theirs no need to compromise.

This coffee maker is programmable and includes the auto-pause-and-serve feature as well as a two hour auto-shut-off feature that will shut your coffee maker off two hours after the last brew so you never have to worry about forgetting to shut it off.

You’ll love the convience of having two separate water reservoirs because it gives you more choices of how you brew your coffee.

This whole unit is all easy clean-up and easy to use whether you are brewing a cup, a travel mug to go or a whole pot.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker 49981A

​If you are a small space dweller, and love the covience of a single serve coffee maker, then this Hamilton Beach single Serve Coffee maker may be just right for you.

​It’s a very small, space saving unit and is inexpensive at the same time.  You can use your own favorite ground coffee with the single serve scoop filter.

You just scoop up your favorite ground coffee and brew it up directly into your travel mug or coffee mug up to 14 ounces at a time.  It features beautiful stainless stell construction so it fits in with any color scheme.


  • No expensive pods needed
  • Flip-up adjustment for mug sizes prevents sloshing and spilling
  • Choice of Bold or Regular Strength
  • Brews really hot
  • Space saving
  • inexpensive

It’s fast and will be ready to go with you on those mornings when you don’t have a minute to spare.


BLACK DECKER DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

​Lets get personal with this little personal coffee brewer!

This little BLACK DECKER DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker literally can go anywhere with you that you have access to electricity.  You can toss into your back pack, throw in a ziplock bag of ground coffee and you’re set

Its so inexpensive you could grab two or three because they make great gifts for your coffee loving college friends or office mates and it comes with it’s own travel mug.

​You’ll love the fast, no hassle way to get your morning brew.  It brews directly into the mug so you can just pop on the lid and be on your way.

This brewer takes up so little space on your kitchen counter that you will barely know it’s even there.  You could probably even throw it in a drawer or small cupboard when not in use.

This little brewer comes with it’s own permanent grounds filter.  The soft mesh filter works with both grounds or with the soft packs/pods for your convience.

What makes this coffee brewer stand out?

  • Easily rinses clean
  • ​Automatic shut-off after brewing
  • 15 ounce travel mug included
  • No expensive pods to buy
  • Saves space
  • Brew quickly and take with you

If you’re a busy person on the go you’ll love this little personal brewer.


Choosing a great coffee maker does’nt need to be difficult.  You know what you like so make it easy on yourself.  The biggest factors in my opinion are price, space and variety.

If you can afford it  then add all the features you may possibly want but are’nt quite sure.  If you’re on a budget just choose the basics that will give you the best cup of coffee.

If you’re short on space look around because sometimes manufacturerspack a wallup in a small item meaning you ca often find everything you are looking for in very small items.

Have fun shopping!

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