8 No-Fail Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

8 No-Fail Mother's Day Gifts - Food Wine & Poopy Diapers

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner… a day for Moms, Grandmas, and fur-moms to be celebrated! If you haven’t yet found the perfect gift, the good news is, I’m here to help! Here’s a list of eight fabulous gifts all moms will love! Just click on the item for info on where to buy.

1. Personalized Cuff Bracelet

Moms love jewelry, and this personalized bracelet will make her smile this Mother’s Day!

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5 Reasons to Have a Meal Plan

5 Reasons to Have a Meal Plan - Food Wine & Poopy Diapers

I have some friends that I look up to. Not because of their beauty (which they have lots of), or their accomplishments (which they have tons of)… but for their amazing organizational skills! Seriously, they have their meals planned out for a month, they never have dirty laundry, and they clean their houses every night AFTER the kids go to bed (while I crash in the recliner in my PJ’s with a glass of wine and some chocolate).

In all seriousness, though, these are the ladies I aspire to be like, because being organized definitely feels good. Here are just a few reasons why it’s GOOD to have a meal plan!

5 Reasons to Have a Meal Plan - Food Wine & Poopy Diapers
5 Reasons to Have a Meal Plan – Food Wine & Poopy Diapers

It makes grocery shopping easier – When your meals are planned out in advance, everything about shopping is easier. You can easily make your shopping list, and plan for the week’s meals ahead. There’s no scrambling to the store at the last minute for things you may have forgotten, because you’ve got it all planned out, and YOU ROCK. 🙂

It cuts down on waste – When your meals for the entire week are planned out, you aren’t wasting money on junky convenience meals that end up in the trash. You can plan portion sizes, just enough for each family member, so that you have just enough to go around and you don’t have leftovers getting funky in your fridge.

It reduces stress – I don’t know about you, but when I have NO CLUE what I’m going to make for dinner, I tend to get a little bit stressed. Even though it doesn’t always happen that way, I am at my best and happiest when I’m organized and I have a plan that I stick to.

It’s fun & whimsicalI MEAN… how cute is this menu board?? Being able to do this is reason enough to plan your meals, am I right?!

5 Reasons to Have a Meal Plan - Food Wine And Poopy Diapers

It’s easier to eat healthy – When meals aren’t planned out, we get hungry. And when we get hungry, we get desperate. And when we get desperate, we eat fast food. Don’t eat fast food. Plan out those meals, friends! 🙂

For the ULTIMATE in meal planning, check out my eBook, 1 Month of Dirt Cheap Dinners! It’s full of recipes, photos, shopping lists & more, to make your life easier!


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10 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Plants

10 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Plants - Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers

10 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Plants - Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers

Spring is here! Who’s excited? THIS GIRL! Although I’m becoming more of a winter person the last couple years, mostly due to my love of ice fishing with my family, I absolutely love Spring, and the change of seasons we get to enjoy here in Iowa.

Spring is a refreshing change of pace, and it feels so good to get some sun on your skin again after being cooped up inside! Working in the yard is one of my favorite things to do after the thaw. However, I get sticker shock every time I have to make a trip to the nursery for plants and supplies!

Frugal gal that I am, I set out on a mission to find the cheapest (or FREE) plants that I could find. Here are the best sources that I’ve found!

10 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Plants - Food Wine & Poopy Diapers

Join the National Arbor Day Association – Become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation and receive 10 free trees as well as tree nursery discounts.

Craigslist – Check out the free section, or search under”free plants”. Any avid gardener would shudder at the thought of dividing up their lovely landscaping, only to throw it in the trash. They want it to go to a good home, yours!

Garage Sales – Garage sales are a common place for people to sell their extra cuttings for mere pennies.

Plant Sales – Plant sales are frequently held by churches and community organizations as a way to raise money as well as improve the environment.

Free Plants By Mail.org – Free Plants by Mail was started by local growers to help find a solution to the plants that were grown for nurseries but never purchased. They send you a free plant every month, you just pay shipping.

10 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Plants - Food Wine & Poopy Diapers

Nurseries – Nurseries frequently discard their lowest performing plants and flowers that look a little shabby, the ones nobody wants to buy. With a little TLC, however, you can bring these beauties back to life! Call your local nursery and ask if you can have what’s just going into the trash bin.

Neighbors doing yard work – Next time you see your neighbors out doing yard work and weeding their flower beds, offer to lend a hand in exchange for some divided perennials or cuttings.

Garden Clubs – Nearly every town has at least one garden club with members who meet frequently to discuss the trials and tribulations of gardening. Most members also love to trade and giveaway their own plants to spread the joy to others.

Dollar Tree – When starting plants from seeds, you can’t beat Dollar Tree’s price of 4 packets for just $1! They don’t have the seed selection of the big nurseries, but if you’re looking for the basics, it’s a good way to go. Remember, just because something is cheaper, doesn’t necessarily mean the quality isn’t as good.

Split or take cuttings from your current plants – Most perennials need to be split every year or two. So, remember, two hostas will quickly become four, and four will quickly become eight. Splitting your plants is a great way to get more plants for the cost of just one.

I hope this helps you save some money on your Spring & Summer landscaping! Happy Planting!

10 Ways to Get Cheap or Free Plants - Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers

*This post contains affiliate links.


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My Top Picks for Outdoor Summer Decor from HGTV & AtHome

Outdoor Living - Food Wine and Poopy Diapers

If I had a dollar for every minute my TV is tuned into HGTV, I’d be a multi-millionaire. 🙂 I love shows like Fixer Upper, Love It or List It, and…I LOVE virtually touring all the HGTV dream homes. Have you seen the HGTV Spring House 2016 yet? It’s to. die. for. Vibrant colors, bold patterns, and rich textures, that’ll leave you wanting to spend all your date nights at home on the patio.

Even more exciting for this Iowa girl is that AtHome (the amazing home furnishings store that proudly sponsored said HGTV dream home) JUST opened a store near ME! That’s right…their new store in Waterloo, Iowa, is just a hop, skip, and a jump from me, and I couldn’t be more pleased! And the timing is perfect, just as the temps are starting to warm up and I’m thinking about how I’m going to decorate the deck this summer. 

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Rustic Mason Jar Light Fixture Tutorial

Mason Jar Light Fixtures
Mason Jar Light Fixtures
Mason Jar Light Fixture Tutorial – Food Wine & Poopy Diapers

If you’ve ever taken a gander at my Pinterest or Instagram pages, you’ve gotten a good glimpse of the fact that I’m into very rustic distressed and shabby chic decor. And while I love my house, when we first moved in, a lot of the design & fixtures were too modern and contemporary for my liking.

Case in point, the pendant lights above our kitchen island. There was nothing wrong with them, but I just felt like they needed a more rustic touch. Knowing me, you know I’m frugal, and I just can’t bring myself to spend a lot of money on my home decor items. I love thrifting, garage sales, estate sales, auctions and craigslist! Sometimes I’m even able to find things in my own home to use as home decor. And that’s exactly what I did with my pendant light fixture makeover.

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Fit & Frugal Weekly Meal Plan to Get Bikini-Ready!

Clean Eating On A Budget Food Wine And Poopy Diapers

Clean Eating On A Budget Food Wine And Poopy DiapersBetween New Year’s resolutions and Spring getting ready to show it’s lovely face, a lot of us are starting to think about eating lighter, healthier, and getting our Winter selves in shape for Summer! I know I certainly am! Well, I’m here to help you (for a week, anyway) with a meal plan and shopping list that is sure to lighten your load, in more ways than one!

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8 Radical Ways We Dumped Debt …and you can, too!

8 Radical Ways We Dumped Debt - Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers
8 Radical Ways We Dumped Debt - Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers
8 Radical Ways We Dumped Debt – Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers

As you know, we’re frugal. We were especially frugal in the first couple years of marriage. Because we had goals and dreams that required scrimping and saving, we HAD to be frugal. The things we did in order to dump LOADS of debt are not necessarily for everyone, but they were pretty painless, and they worked. Here are a few of our debt-destroying secret weapons.

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Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog!

5 Reasons Blogging is the Perfect Home-Based Business, Food, Wine & Poopy Diapers

I wanted to share with you a post that I originally wrote for my website KelliBrink.com, because I know a lot of you out there are interested in starting a blog, too, but haven’t taken the leap yet. Hopefully this post will inspire you to join the millions of other bloggers across the globe!

Blogging home based business
We all dream of working from home, where we can be our own boss. As a blogger, it’s possible!

Now that I’m officially in year 3 of my blogging career, I’m really beginning to feel confident in my skills, my knowledge, and I can honestly say that I will probably never work for a traditional employer again. Blogging is for me!!

While it started as a hobby, a fun outlet for me after becoming a stay-at-home mom, it has blossomed into a career…one with more potential than I even thought was possible!

Here are 5 reasons why blogging is the perfect home-based business!

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