1 Month of Dirt Cheap Dinners

1 Month of Dirt Cheap Dinners $2.99

This simple and enjoyable digital cookbook is a spin-off of Kelli’s popular money-saving-meal plan blog posts. This book gives you an entire month of frugal, yet delicious, meals that your entire family will love…all wrapped up into 42 full-color pages with many photos of Kelli’s own kitchen creations. You’ll get an entire month of recipes, as well as weekly meal plans and printable shopping lists. With everything from easy Asian cuisine, to down-home comfort food, and everything in between, this book is perfect for beginning cooks looking to learn their way around the kitchen with no-fail meals, as well as experienced chefs just looking to mix up their meals while saving money. CLICK THE PAYPAL BUTTON TO PURCHASE NOW. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO YOUR NEW EBOOK UPON SUCCESSFUL PAYMENT.