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How I Turned a $30 Goodwill Cabinet into a Pottery Barn Look Alike!

As you know, I’m sort of a Goodwill Groupie. I frequent all 3 of my local stores, looking for deals. I especially love getting cool pieces of furniture there that are in major need of some TLC. I’ve recently been looking for the perfect piece to complete our screened-in porch. I needed a spot for the TV to sit. I was looking for a specific style and height, so I jumped on it (pretty much literally) when I found this piece at Goodwill! Was it nice as-is? Sure. But it…

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Create Your Child’s Entertainment Library For FREE!

Now that the little Pumpkin is almost 2 (Gasp! It’s going too fast!) he’s really starting to get more into kid’s cartoons and TV shows. I wanted to add a little TV to the playroom and start a kid’s DVD collection, but I also really did not want to drop several hundred dollars on a new flat screen, or a few hundred more on DVD’s. So, the frugal girl inside me got creative and went to work!

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