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Cheap Target Cabinet Makeover

imageToday I’m excited to share with you a cheap Target cabinet makeover!

With all the cooking I’ve been doing lately, I needed some more pantry space. Unfortunately, I don’t have any.

šŸ™ However, I do have this sort of odd empty hall area in my kitchen that was screaming, “use me! use me!”  So, I did what any woman would do. I went to Target. (That’s the answer to everything, right?)

At Target, I found a cheap-ish, plain white pantry storage cabinet by Closet Maid. It was one of those simple, ready-to-assemble pieces & cost around $50.

It was easy enough to assemble. Er, well, I mean, it SEEMED easy enough for Dr. B to assemble. I heard no curse words, and he did it during Pumpkin’s nap, without waking him up.

I knew I needed to spruce it up. So … I went to Target. Like I said, that’s the answer to everything, right??

I bought some really pretty patterned contact shelf paper in a really nice blue color.

I covered the back panel of the cabinet in the shelf paper. I actually did it before Dr. B nailed the back panel on. That made it easy peasy!

I got the contact paper at Target. The baskets on top of the cabinet came from Michael’s. The blue square plastic baskets and the green baskets all came from Dollar Tree. The mason jars are from my beloved collection of antique jars, from antique shows, garage sales and flea markets.

The McCoy pottery bowl came from a weird little antique/flea market/garage sale that we have here in town and I love called “The Cellar Door.” The bottom two items, the white crock and the AWESOME antique scale that I’m in love with, were Goodwill scores! $1.38 for the pretty crock and $4 for the scale.

I also us3M adhesive strips to my cleaning calendar and put in on the inside of the door so it stays out of the way:

The frame came from Dollar Tree and I spray painted it black. The Moroccan tile paper I printed myself off of I love her site! Any kind of beautiful trendy paper pattern you could want in every color…all FREE! šŸ™‚

So, I solved my lack of space problem by buying a cheap Target cabinet & making it pretty. I use this cabinet for all my spices and canned food overflow, but you could use it for so many things! A purse or shoe closet, a craft closet, you could store your computer printer and laptop in it…so many possibilities!

Hope you enjoyed this cheap Target cabinet makeover. Have fun with your DIY projects this weekend!

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