#crockpot #potato #roast #beef #recipe

Pepper Ranch Crockpot Roast Recipe with Gravy

#crockpot #roast #beef #recipe
A moist and juicy potroast recipe!

Here’s an impressive crockpot roast recipe that is packed with flavor and takes only a few minutes of prep time!



Beef chuck roast

Pepperoncini peppers

A stick of butter

A packet of ranch mix

And some sort of beefy powder…gravy mix, au jus, beef bullion, whatever you have around… I used one crushed beef bullion cube.

Plus flour and water for the gravy.

First, spray your crock with nonstick cooking spray.

Plop that meat in the crockpot. Next, sprinkle the ranch packet over the meat.
Sprinkle your beefy powder over that (Or your broken up pieces of beef bullion cube, if you’re improvising, like me).

Place your stick of butter right on top, and surround it with several pepperoncini peppers.

Do not add water, and just let it cook for 8 hours on low.

After it’s done, it should be very, very tender.
And the peppers get an awesome char on them, almost like they were grilled.

It makes the most amazing juice as it cooks…let’s call it “awesome-sauce”. And I take that Awesome Sauce and make it into a nice little gravy.

Transfer the roast and peppers over to your serving platter.

Transfer all the Awesome Sauce from the crock into a sauce pan on the stove.
Turn on Med-High heat. Fill a measuring cup with about 1/4 cup flour and 3/4 cup water, and stir…stir…stir. Make it smooth, get all the lumps out, and pour it into the pot. Whisk it. And whisk it. You can add some chicken broth if your gravy gets too thick too fast. That’s what I did.
It will come to a slight boil pretty quickly. Keep whisking a couple more minutes. Taste it. Is good, no?

It’s done. There’s your Awesome Sauce Gravy, folks!

Pour a little on your meat. Pour a little on your potatoes. Dab a little behind your ears, or pour it in your coffee mug…it’s really that good.

Side note, I did not salt this roast or this gravy at all, because I felt that the combination of the ranch AND the bullion cube made it pretty salty all on its own. And I don’t like salty. So just be sure to taste it as you go, and season to your own taste.

#crockpot #roast #beef #recipe
A moist and juicy potroast recipe!

Look at that tender beefiness! Kinda makes you wanna just stick your whole face right in it, doesn’t it?

I hope you really enjoy this crockpot roast recipe!

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