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Things I Considered When Buying A KitchenAid Mixer

#kitchen #aid #mixer
In the Kitchen

KitchenAid mixers are all the rage, but with a hefty price tag of $250-$400 or more, these little luxuries are quite a financial investment! After waiting several years and saving my pennies, I decided it was time to grace my kitchen with one of these little beauties! 🙂

Before purchasing, I had to decide which model I wanted- the KitchenAid Classic, Artisan, or Pro. The latter two are slightly more powerful mixers, and they come in a rainbow of colors. The Classic has a 275 watt motor and comes in white or black. Next, where should I buy it? Everywhere you go the prices and availability are different.

I checked out Kohls and Bed Bath & Beyond, but ultimately ordered my KitchenAid from Walmart.com. The first two stores didn’t even carry the Classic model. Their other models were “on sale,” but even at sale prices PLUS a coupon, they were more expensive than the Classic.

So, I bought the KitchenAid Classic in white from Walmart.com, and here’s why.

1. My mom has this exact model and loves it. She has had it for nearly 30 years. She mixes all sorts of breads with her dough hook attachment, and has never had any problems mixing dense doughs. And back then, the Classic only had a 250 watt motor, now it is an even better 275.

2. It’s white. However tempting it may have been to order this mixer in bright red (my new kitchen accent color), or a beautiful shade of robin’s egg blue (one of my favorite colors), some of today’s trendy colors may be tomorrow’s avocado greens, harvest golds, and baby poo browns. So white it is. Classic, timeless, simple…like me. 😉

3. Cost. I paid $229 for this mixer. It’s a lot of money (but a great investment, like I told my husband! lol), but this is still much less than the other models at other stores. And Walmart.com always gives you free shipping (even though this little lady shipped at a hefty 26 pounds!). I should also mention that Walmart.com always quotes a fairly lengthy shipping time, but things always arrive quickly, in about 2-4 days.

So there it is! I’m now the proud mama of a KitchenAid Classic stand mixer. It’s like a piece of art sitting on my counter! I get so excited thinking about all the culinary possibilities…. Cakes, cookies, shredding chicken, powering through my dense protein bar batter…so many activities! I’m planning on buying several attachments, like the pasta maker, sausage stuffer, meat grinder…and since my mom has the same model, we can share!

I even started a Pinterest board titled “KitchenAid Mixer” that has all sorts of ideas of what I can do with it! Feel free to follow me:


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