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3 Tips For Moms of Two Under Two

I’m not a pro, but now that I’ve officially had my “two under two,” (2 kids under the age of two years old) for four months, I can definitely say it’s getting easier. The little pumpkin is 20 months, and the new little Peanut is 4 months. At first, I’d lock myself in the house, afraid to go anywhere, afraid of the meltdowns or diaper blowouts that might occur in public. But now I’m much better at going with the flow. Here are a few of my survival tips.

1. Accept help. If your mother-in-law wants to come over and do your dishes, let her. If your best friend wants to watch the kids for an hour so you can get a nap, let her. If the women from church want to bring over meals when you get home from the hospital, let them. Accepting help is not failure. It can be so hard to let our guard down and surrender the need for control. But it takes a village to get through raising two under two, folks. Don’t make it needlessly harder on yourself by trying to be Superwoman. You’ll go crazy. Really, you will…

2. Accept that things are different now. Having two under two is a game changer. Before my youngest was born, I was still able to maintain a sense if normalcy in the home. I still got up everyday and showered, cleaned the house, cooked dinner, still had time for my husband at the end of the day. Things are different now. Way different. Slightly chaotic. The house is unorganized. Showering and looking nice isn’t a priority for me right now. Sometimes dinner is take out, or a frozen meal. I could practically kill myself trying to achieve perfection with these two babies in the house, if I wanted to…or I can just accept things as they are now. I’ve chosen the latter, and that has brought me inner peace and happiness…because sometimes “good enough” is GOOD ENOUGH!

3. Your new mantra needs to be…”They will be grown up way too fast, and soon I will miss this.” Seriously…remind yourself of this constantly, because it’s TRUE. I found this out with my oldest. I raised him for the majority of his life as a single mom, and it was hard. Because it was hard, I ended up wishing the time away. I thought things would be easier when he was older, and in many ways they are. But every stage of life presents it’s own set of challenges. He’s 17 now, and it’s still not “easy,” and I’d give anything to have that little baby in my arms again. Even through the sleepless nights, the difficult days, the tantrums, the runny noses and fevers…enjoy it. Appreciate it. They’ll never be this young again.

Do you have parenting advice for getting through the hardest of hard times? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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