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10 MORE Date Night Ideas For Parents Who Don’t Get Out Much

Date night
I got lots of good feedback on my last date night post, so I’m going to share a few more ideas with you guys from the Date Box! Enjoy!

I will not tell a lie, since Baby #3 (“Peanut,” a.k.a. “Oops!”) came along, we do not get out much. Life is just ridiculous with three kids and two of them under two. Maybe we just suck at balancing, maybe we should focus on our relationship more, or ya know what? Maybe we’re just normal. I think it’s normal to let your roles as parents take over and exhaust you and leave you with nothing left to give your spouse. Wow…that’s a downer! 🙂
I tell the handsome Dr. B all the time, “I just want to get through this parenting thing together, come out alive, and come out on the other end still liking each other.” Luckily, we have a great relationship that can weather any storm, but we work really really REALLY hard at this marriage thing.
We’ve started trying to have one date night a month. And laying in bed playing on our iPads while watching HGTV in our PJ’s doesn’t count. We’re talking REAL, planned-out dates, doing things out of the house, and wearing real pants.
To help with the planning, I created the “Date Box,” a date idea basket. We just pull out a card, and there’s a pre-planned date ready to go.
Here are just a few of the date ideas from the Date Box!

1. Pottery date! There are little pottery shops all over where you pick a piece, decorate it, glaze it, and fire it all right there. Aww…making pottery together…how cute! It may sound a little cheesy, but this is a fun date, and you’ll cherish your finished pieces til you’re old and grey.

See how romantic pottery is?? :-)
See how romantic pottery is?? 🙂

2. Book store date! I just get this ultra cool, ultra relaxed, ultra sophisticated vibe when I enter a bookstore, especially when it’s one with a coffee shop inside…oh and they always have carrot cake…I mean…er…books. Books are fun! Really though, I love perusing the shelves, thumbing through books, reading the first few pages before I buy. Have you always wanted to travel to Italy? Head to the travel section and escape there in a book, together!

3. Live music date! On any given night, you can open up a newspaper or look online to find a handful of live performers just waiting to serenade you.

4. Coffee house date! Sometimes it’s just nice to have some good conversations over a good cup of coffee on a lazy day…or night…or anytime. Some coffee houses feature free live [really good] musicians to add to the ambience.

5. Winery date! I’m not a fan of a lot of small Midwest winery wines, because they tend to taste more like MadDog 20/20 than Merlot… So I’m thrilled by the fact that we have an AMAZING local winery and distillery that makes some FINE wine and spirits. They offer tastings, and they have great food, as well. Oh, and rolling hills covered in winding grape vines as far as the eye can see are incredibly romantic! It’s just a beautiful, romantic, fun, interactive date idea that makes you feel like you’re on vacation.
Winery date

6. Sporting event date! Our city has semi pro teams for every season, and really nice stadiums/arenas. Baseball, Hockey, Football… You can enjoy a cold one while you cheer on the home team. And you MUST get a stadium hot dog. It’s mandatory.

7. Mini golf date! I love a date night that makes me get up off my rear and be active. Especially, when there are lots of laughs involved, and it isn’t anything too competitive, like mini golf (but you haven’t met Dr. B. The guy can get viscous over a game of Little Tikes basketball).

8. Farmers market date! Here, we are lucky enough to have several beautiful outdoor farmers markets in the warmer months, along with an indoor one all year long. There’s music, coffee, wineries and breweries, fruits and veggies, locally owned delis, jewelry…really everything. Just imagine…you two crazy kids…holding hands…sipping on coffee as you go from vendor to vendor… the sun on your face and the breeze on your skin… Ahhhhhhh.

9. Couples massage date! Relax in fluffy robes, toast with some champagne, and get pampered together.
Couple massage date

10. Now that it’s getting warmer, Dr. B. and I are looking forward to going garage saling together! We really love the huge neighborhood-wide sales, where we can load the kids in the stroller, go on foot and hit a dozen or so in one loop. We get up early, grab some breakfast, some good coffee, and go on a treasure hunt. It would be even more relaxing without kids. 🙂 It’s really a fun outing, and it definitely sparks lots of conversation and good laughs!

Are you ready for some awesome date nights? Which date above are you looking forward to the most? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below! 🙂
Happy dating, boys and girls! 😉

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