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5 Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

Drinking water is such a simple action, but it can be SO difficult to get your 8-10 cups in everyday. Being a stay-at-home mom with little ones, I know there are days when I realize that I haven’t drank any water all day! Shame on me. My body definitely feels it when I’ve gone without.
Here are five easy ways to get your daily dose of H2O.

1. Set an alarm.
If forgetfulness is the problem, then set an alarm on your watch, phone, or iPad to remind you that it’s time to fill your cup.

2. Pack your bags.
…with bottles of water. For those on the go, fill your bag with a few bottles of water everyday so it’s easily accessible all day long.

3. Flavor it.
There are so many water enhancers available these days, like Mio, for instance, for all of you who just don’t enjoy the plain stuff. You can also add an herbal tea bag for flavor…but skip the sugar!

4. Get Water Logged.
This is a free app available in the iTunes Store that helps you stay on pace with your daily water consumption.

5. Get a BIG bottle.
I love these big “H2O On the Go” bottles from Walmart. They’re only a few dollars, and I can fit my ENTIRE day’s water in the bottle. I like actually seeing the progress of how much I’ve consumed and how much I have left to drink for the day.

Do you have trouble consuming your daily 8-10 glasses? What’s your daily water consumption routine?

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