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Tips for Feeding Picky Toddlers

How I Got My Picky Toddler to Eat!

Moms will do anything (within reason!) for our kids’ health an happiness. So, when my picky-eating toddler got even pickier (how is that even possible??), I decided to get creative!

I have tried nutrition shakes, I’ve tried hiding veggies in sauces, juices, and even created my own recipe for Black Bean Veggie Brownies (recipe here). Still, the little Pumpkin would only graze on bites here and there. And milk… Lots and LOTS of milk (at least there’s that). What gives?!

My picky toddler enjoying some fun food.

My frustration led me to vent on my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, and THAT led to some good advice from some smart moms.

I was SUPER excited when the makers of Pick-Ease reached out to us! …and I’m super excited to share their product with you! When I come across cool things, I just have to pass them on.

Pick-Ease is a super cute, fun little utensil made especially for picky eaters. They come in bright colors, with little designs on one end, and a pick on the other end, sort of like a toothpick but bigger. It allows kids to stab their food and make their own little kabobs. 🙂 Some of my favorite foods come on sticks, so why not let the little ones enjoy their noms that way, too?!


My little Pumpkin was definitely intrigued and entertained by getting to eat his meals like this! We were able to sneak in a few more bites than we normally would just because of the sheer novelty of the new, whimsical utensil. Hey, whatever works! 🙂


Sidenote, I really think Pick-Ease would be especially fabulous for kids who may have tactile issues (maybe SPD, Autism, Aspbergers), and not want to touch food with unique textures.

Pick-Ease comes in a two-pack and retails for $8.99. They’re FDA approved, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and Made in the USA.
If you think Pick-Ease would be a great addition to your child’s mealtime fun, check out their website: www.pick-ease.com


Parents, what are your tips for dealing with picky eaters??

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