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Kid President Tells Parents What Kids REALLY Want This Summer!

Kid President Robby Novak.
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Summer is half over (sad thought, eh?) What do you and your family have to show for it? Lots of insta-memories, cute profile pics, lots of “likes,” and fun-sounding Tweets? Well, Kid President Robby Novak has a message for us parents who are tethered to our devices: Put down your smart phone and start living IRL!

That’s right. What kids REALLY want from us this summer is our undivided attention. A WHOLE-vacation, if you will. Time together where we are 100% present and undistracted by work, TV, and social media.

Robby has given families some great advice throughout his Kid President series, which began back in 2012. You might ask how such a young guy is so wise about keeping priorities in check. A recent article on Today Parents discusses Robby’s Osteogenesis Imperfecta diagnosis (a brittle bone condition). Although he’s had over 75 bone breaks since birth, he shines with an attitude of gratitude. He encourages us all to play games, laugh more, and dance.

We can all learn a lot from Kid President Robby Novak! Check out the latest adorable video in the Kid President series, below! KID PRESIDENT: WHAT KIDS REALLY WANT OUT OF A SUMMER VACATION

#wholevacation 🙂

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