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Scripture Sunday: I Can Do All Things Through Christ



I was just thinking about my week, and about how crazy life is, and how there’s no way I could do the things I do and put in 16 hour days without Christ, who gives me all my strength. Seriously, parents…do you sometimes wonder why you’re tired at the end of the day?? It’s because this stuff is HARD! I just have to say,

I’m also so blessed to have a strong rock and man of character who I get to call my husband, to lean on when weak. There are lots of moments where I have to just tell myself, “Kelli, you obviously have NO control over this crazy day…God, you’re in charge, please take the wheel!” And it’s in those moments of weakness where God just has a way of rebooting my brain and giving me the strength to go on with a smile on my face and put gratitude in my heart. 🙂

Have a great Sunday Funday! 🙂

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Yes I can!!!!!! 🙂

Scripture Sunday: I can do all things through Christ - Food Wine & Poopy Diapers

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