5 Household Products I Can't Live Without - Food Wine and Poopy Diapers
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5 of My Personal Favorite Household Products That I Can’t Live Without

5 Household Products I Can't Live Without - Food Wine and Poopy Diapers

When it comes to household products and cleaning supplies, I’m usually pretty frugal. I try to use multi-purpose cleaning products, like good old bleach, that are cheap and do the trick. I also try to usually stick to generic brands. However, I’ve come to REALLY love these 5 products for their quality and value. You’ll notice that I MAY have a slight obsession with lavender. I LOVE LAVENDER. It instantly relaxes me. πŸ™‚

Here are 5 items that I just can’t live without! πŸ™‚

Magic Erasers – Where have these little magical sponges been all my life? I used my first Magic Eraser just one year ago on some stubborn shower stains that I couldn’t even get rid of with bleach! With a light scrub, the stains immediately disappeared and I was instantly in love. I really like it that there are now less expensive, store brand versions of Magic Erasers that work just as well.

Lavender Febreeze – Sometimes I clean my house…and sometimes I just turn the lights down low, spray everything with Febreeze, and pour a glass of wine. With 3 sons, a fisherman hubby, and 2 dogs… I should probably buy stock in Febreeze. I love it. It works wonders in our Casa!

Downy Infusions Lavender Liquid Fabric Softener – Do you want your laundry to smell like Heaven and rainbows and happiness, even after sitting folded in the closet for 2 months? Yes? Ok, I thought so. Then try this fabric softener. It is domestic bliss in a bottle. I LOVE IT!

Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soaps – For every season, there is a delightfully-scented Bath & Body Works soap, in a gorgeous pump bottle. Just looking at the pretty scenes on these soap bottles makes me happy. Smelling them makes me even happier! Oh, and the price…makes me triple happy. They’re on sale at the beginning of every season, and B&BW has amazing coupons, to boot, so their hand soaps are super affordable!

Lavender Essential Oil – I use this to freshen up bed linens and towels, as a health and wellness aid, in the bath for added relaxation, and mixed into an ointment for irritated skin and baby bottoms. My favorite thing to use it for, though, is at bed time. I’ll dab it behind my ears and on my pillow case, and drift into sweet dreams. I’m not very brand loyal with my essential oils, but I do make sure to ALWAYS buy 100% pure oils from trusted sources.

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