Zazzle Stay at home mom


Zazzle Stay at home mom
Zazzle makes a great side hustle!

As you know, I’m a mom blogger (that goes without saying, right? since you are reading my blog). It’s an outlet for my creativity and my biggest and most long-running side hustle to date. And, you probably remember that I also write ebooks, and I upcycle furniture and antiques. Yet another side hustle I REALLY enjoy is Zazzle. If you’ve wondered if people can REALLY make money with Zazzle… the answer is YES THEY CAN! I know, because I’m one of them.

Zazzle is an online store where users create and sell their original designs, while the company handles all the printing and shipping. I love it because I can be as creative as I want (and stack benjamins), without having to store, package, or send any physical products to my customers. It’s free to open a designer account, and there are no monthly fees. It’s pretty simple to make money with Zazzle.

If you think it’s just another scheme that sounds too good to be true, think again. I’m living proof that you can make money with Zazzle. I’ve sold several items on the site so far in my brief time there, my best seller being a deck of personalized playing cards I designed. Here they are:

I’ve had my Zazzle designer account for only 6-8 months, and have pretty much forgotten about it until the past month. I made the mistake of throwing some designs up with the quick create option, and they weren’t that high quality.
I’m in the process of cleaning up my mess now that I see I’m ACTUALLY making sales! My sales this week include someone buying 40 copies of a Christmas ornament I designed (for a winter wedding maybe? or a Christmas party?).
I was floored by that sale! At first, I wasn’t sure if I would actually make money with Zazzle, but it sure has been excited since I started! I also sold some New Year’s Eve paper party hats for someone getting ready to ring in the new year.
You can see my sales below. No, it’s not a million dollars, or even a thousand dollars (YET)! But, this is FREE MONEY, and I’ll never turn that down. I am living proof that you really can make some extra money with Zazzle!
It’s free to set up an account, and all the designs are images I made myself, so the only cost to me was my time. And, the profits below required nearly no effort at all. Once the initial work of inputting my designs is done, I still make money with Zazzle even in my sleep! It’s totally passive income, which is the best income.
I am confident that with a little more effort on my part, within 3 months I will be elevated to “zPro” status at Zazzle, which means that I’ve made $100/month for the past 3 consecutive months. It’s amazing how motivating it is to start getting sales!
Work From Home With Zazzle
Make Money From Zazzle as a Side Hustle

If my tiny income report isn’t exciting enough, check out the story of Elke Clarke, a Zazzle designer who has made millions on the site, and was able to leave the corporate world behind her.

Additionally, all you have to do is take a gander at a few sellers’ stores on the Zazzle website to find tons of designers who have a little “zPro” icon behind their name. This means that they have made at least $100 per month for three consecutive months. Not too shabby for a side hustle, right?

It seems like everyone’s got a side hustle these days. What’s yours? Are you inspired to make money with Zazzle like I did?? Tell me about it in the comments below!


Wow! What a difference a little time and a little work make! I am now a Zazzle ZPRO Designer! The Christmas season was amazing and I had SO MANY sales! Since I love graphic design so much, whenever I make money with Zazzle, it’s just a big bonus to me. Because creating Zazzle products is actually FUN!

I will be posting more Zazzle posts in the future and talk more about how I make money with Zazzle. So stay tuned!


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