3 Ways NOT to Make Money at Home + 1 Way to Make GOOD Money Home Making


Make Good Money Home

3 Ways NOT to Make Money at Home + 1 Way to Make GOOD Money Home Making

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? Well, it definitely applies to stay at home moms looking for a side gig. Read on if you want to make good money home making and maybe spending a few hour on the computer during your day.

BAD IDEA #1: Taking online surveys.

A few clicks, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. Well, just because something takes very little thought to complete, does not mean it’s easy. In fact, it can really SUCK!

In my past life, I have done just about everything in the pursuit to make good money at home. And when I say everything… I mean things I would never brag about. (insert awkward laughter here) ha. ha. ha. ha.

Taking surveys online can easily take hours, if not your whole entire day. And all for what? Oh, ya know…about $8. YEP! I made a whole $8 taking online surveys, and I spent $8 at Starbucks that day just trying to stay alert enough clicking screens all day!

So, if you enjoy taking surveys for a few dollars a day, by all means, go for it! If you’d rather make thousands instead, (and I am with you on that one!) keep reading!

BAD IDEA #2: Writing for those companies you see in Craigslist ads.

I’ve been there. Scrolling through Craigslist’s “Writing Gigs” section. They seem kinda legit, and what do you really have to lose, right?

Well, I have both good and bad things to say about these writing farm type of companies that hire writers for pennies on the dollar to crank out SEO content. Zemandi is one of these legit companies.

First off…do you make real money from home doing this? Absolutely, you do. It is legit and not a scam. It’s just not much money. And there are things you have to deal with that really aren’t fun.

I have been writing for years. I’ve written several books, I have 10 websites, I have a college degree in this stuff, I understand SEO writing and I’m a native English speaker. Regardless of that fact, I once spent an entire day writing an SEO article on ukuleles, of all things, only to have it rejected for some honestly bogus reasons. The pay was going to be a whopping $20. I got nothing. Nada. Zip.

I also received a critique email back from a client once that literally made me cry, as he called my article, “garbage…a complete waste of time…” and a host of other insults, including swearing at me.

That’s when I decided not to write for Zemandi anymore. And all those reasons aside, I shouldn’t have been writing for them anyway. I should have been taking the energy I spent writing SEO articles for someone else’s websites and done that for my own online business.

If you still want to try your hand at writing for Zemandi – don’t say I didn’t warn you, and I hope you’re thick-skinned. It was honestly fun until the snags occurred. Here is the link to their site. Oh, and you need an invitation code to sign up. You can use: 27182

And may the force be with you.

Make Good Money Home

BAD IDEA #3: STARTING A BLOG (and expecting it to get you rich)

Just as I did a few years ago, people think they can throw a blog up on the interwebs and start watching the money flow in, but that is NOT how blogging works, folks.

Blogging for a hobby is great, but if you want to make real money online, you have to follow a formula.

You first have to know exactly how to set your website up correctly for SEO optimization. You next have to drive traffic to your site by writing good content. And by good content, I mean blog posts that both your audience and Google will like.

It’s harder than you might think, but there are secrets I’ve learned that made the light bulb turn on for me.



There is not just ONE good idea when you want to make good money home making right from your computer. But I’m going to focus on the one that goes along with the “work smarter, not harder” theme I mentioned at the beginning of my post.

Remember when I said I had several websites? Well, the first time I started a blog to make money, I failed miserably. That’s because I missed a few of the key steps. I knew how to start a website. I knew a little about a lot of things. What I didn’t know was how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I didn’t have a clear path, goals, or direction.

I have found the easiest way, as a stay at home mom, to make money online from home, is with affiliate marketing. Willing to bet you’ve heard of it!


I have 10 websites that are affiliate websites. 8 of those are Amazon affiliate sites. Basically, my business specializes in sites that sell products, except that instead of checking out online at my store, the customer goes through the checkout process through Amazon’s website. Amazon pays me a commission on what they purchase, at no cost to the customer. I had been running websites for a long time, making about $50-$100/ month. But I wanted more than that!

So I invested a little of time in making this a career. I read as much as I could, watched videos, and starting taking some free classes through the Wealthy Affiliate website. Yep, FREE! They really helped a lot!

What got me hooked on the WA classes was that there are real people there who have succeeded with affiliate websites, and they even show real life income reports. They have made a lot of money with their work from home businesses, so much so that they don’t even care about making money anymore. They’re just there to pay it forward and teach others how to do what they did.

These pros give away secrets for free, and it’s amazing. In the free lessons, I learned SO MANY THINGS that I had been doing wrong, like not having my Google codes input correctly, which caused me to lose valuable traffic. They showed me – start to finish, from setting up a website in 3 minutes, to getting traffic to that website and MAKING MONEY!

My Advice To You:

Work smarter, not harder.

If you want to make money from home working online, you HAVE to get into affiliate marketing. You hold no inventory, you don’t have to ship anything, you can be home with your kids, there’s almost no cost (it can actually be $0 if you use one of Wealthy Affiliate’s free websites).

I suggest you sign up for their free little online class and spend the time going through the steps. You’ll learn a ton about affiliate websites, and you’ll meet a ton of people who can help you (also free). It’s all free, actually. You can sign up for a paid plan (which I have), but the free one is absolutely awesome and will get you started making good money from home.

I’m wishing you so much success to make good money home making and working from home!


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