Best Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas 2018 | FOOD WINE AND POOPY DIAPERS

Best Fantasy Football Party Ideas 2018 | FOOD WINE AND POOPY DIAPERS

Best Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas 2018 | FOOD WINE AND POOPY DIAPERS

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I’m just a mommy blogger who runs on coffee, podcasts, and StitchFix…but I do know one thing, and that’s how to throw the best Fantasy Football party ever. Fantasy Football is my husband’s favorite holiday (yes, I said holiday), so it was his request that I throw in a little something for the guys on the blog. Here is my take on the best Fantasy Football party ideas 2018.

Fantasy Football Explained

As you may already know, Fantasy Football Is kind of a big deal. Over the last decade, this national pass time has exploded, and is now known all over the US as man’s favorite extracurricular activity. At least, in my house, anyway.

What Exactly Is It?

I’m going to explain it from my point of view. Keep in mind that I’m a wife who does not participate, and I know nothing about football.

Fantasy Football is an imaginary sport in which participants dream up their team. They then choose the players from the pool of available players from the real life football league. Points are scored based on how the real life football players perform in each game they play. So, a successful day in real football games equates to a successful day for that player’s fantasy team. (How’d I do?)

Why Does My Husband Love Fantasy Football So Much?

My husband starts gearing up for Fantasy Football in August, researching players and exploring tips online. As summer comes to a close, the excitement for football season reaches its peak.

My husband actually refers to it as the beginning of the holiday season, with “Fantasy Football” being the first “holiday” to kick off the festivities.

For him, it is a hobby that he can share with his buddies across the country. He enjoys the smack-talking with friends, and being part of the game makes it more fun to watch weekly football on TV.

Fantasy Football Season

The fantasy football season runs almost as long as the regular NFL football season, which is 17 weeks long. Some fantasy leagues will end their season around week 13, and then partake in playoffs and determine a winner. The winner can bring home a pretty nice chunk of change after a season well-played!

The fantasy football season actually begins during the weeks of regular preseason football. This is the time where fantasy leagues plan their draft parties, research players, and start getting excited.

Fantasy Football Drafts

Fantasy Football begins with the draft, which is where you choose the players that will make up your team.

Often, the participants will hold a fun and festive party to kick it off. This works great for neighborhood or work leagues, where everyone lives close by.

Other times, such as in my husband’s case, they will hold an online party or draft. His league consists of people who live all over the US, so their fun is had via the internet and text messages.

Why Host A Fantasy Football Party?

Because it’s fun! A Fantasy Football draft party gives you an excuse to get a group of people together in a fun way. It increases the hype and the energy around your Fantasy Football season. It’s always fun to enjoy delicious football food and cold beverages.

I may not give a hoot about Fantasy Football, but my husband does, and that’s a huge reason for hosting a party. It makes him and his friends happy, which makes him feel loved.

How Can Your Fantasy Football Party Be The Best?

The best Fantasy Football party will have decorations, good food, cold beer and other beverages, and big screen TV’s around showing all thing sports and football. It will also have a few fun activities planned to fill in some time.

Your party could be hosted in the basement, the garage, the backyard, a deck, the man cave, or a sports bar.

Fantasy Football Party Recipes

When you think of football food, what do you think of? I think of wings, burgers, chips, snacks, and appetizers.

Here are three easy and cheap recipes that will help you throw the best Fantasy Football Party ever.

Football Party Supplies

The best Fantasy Football party is only the best for you if it’s easy to clean up. That’s why using paper plates, disposable cups, plastic forks, and a one-time-use table cover will help you out. They look good, and it makes clean up a breeze.

The Bottom Line

I’m a wife and mom, and my favorite things are blogging, podcasts, decorating, clothes, Netflix, and camping…notice I did not mention football in there.

I’m not super big into football and sports, but my husband is! We still enjoy things like Fantasy Football Parties because I love entertaining, cooking, and hosting. As funny as it may sound, Fantasy Football brings him joy, so it’s important to him and to me.

That is why I try to host the best fantasy football party possible to make my honey feel loved.

One More Thing…

As you already know, blogging is my full time gig. This means, I get to work from home and focus on the things that bring my family joy. In this case, it’s fantasy football parties, lol.

The reason I’m able to have more time to enjoy stuff like this is because I am self-employed. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now, and I make a steady monthly income from it.

This has helped to make our lives easier and to take some financial stress off of my husband’s shoulders. It makes our family happier all around.

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