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This simple and enjoyable digital cookbook is a spin-off of Kelli’s popular money-saving-meal plan blog posts. This book gives you an entire month of frugal, yet delicious, meals that your entire family will love…all wrapped up into 42 full-color pages with many photos of Kelli’s own kitchen creations. You’ll get an entire month of recipes, as well as weekly meal plans and printable shopping lists. With everything from easy Asian cuisine, to down-home comfort food, and everything in between, this book is perfect for beginning cooks looking to learn their way around the kitchen with no-fail meals, as well as experienced chefs just looking to mix up their meals while saving money.



A few years ago, my husband and I remodeled our kitchen. Because of this pricey remodel, and the fact that I was then a stay-at-home mom with a middle-schooler, a new baby, and another kiddo on the way, I went into money-saving mode!

In my effort to save a lot of money, I started the habit of making very budget-friendly meals. We cooked at home every night, and we shopped exclusively at Aldi.

While the meals I made during this time were, in fact, cheap, they were also good.

So, at that time, I decided to share a month-long meal plan with you, my readers, that I had put together in the form of a really inexpensive ebook I created.

I called my ebook 1 Month of Dirt Cheap Dinners and I shared it with my Pinterest audience.

Something happened after that, something that I never would have guessed. My pinned content that revolved around my meal plan went viral.

To date, my money-saving meal series has been re-pinned on Pinterest MILLIONS of times! So, a big thank you to all of my readers for your support!

Have you checked out the ebook yet? If not, HERE IS THE LINK to it.

As mentioned above, it is a month-long meal plan that is laid out week by week, with four weeks worth of meal ideas. On top of that, I include the entire month’s worth of recipes, AND your shopping list that you need for your meals each week!

For busy families who want to avoid eating out – and only cooking at home – this meal plan ebook saves you SO MUCH time throughout the month.

Everything you’re going to need for your weekly meals is laid out for you. Just print your list, shop, cook and SAVE MONEY!

And I can tell you… We saved A LOT of money using this plan. When sticking to this list, we were able to get by spending only about $50-$60 per week on groceries.

Are all the meals super healthy? Nope. While they’re not particularly UNhealthy, they’re mainly just CHEAP, and they taste good.

(I do have another meal plan like this one, though, if you’re looking for something healthier. It is 1 Month of Fast & Frugal Vegan Meals and you can BUY IT HERE).

1 Month of Fast & Frugal Vegan Meals by Kelli Brink
Have you ever wanted to try vegan living, but you were unsure of what you could eat besides salads and fruits? Then this ebook is for you. You’ll get an entire month-long vegan meal plan, along with recipes and grocery shopping lists! Your digital download includes Asian, Mexican, and Italian-inspired vegan meals, as well as good old comfort food!

So, when you really need to save money on groceries, but you have no clue where to start, I highly recommend checking out my ebook, 1 Month of Dirt Cheap Dinners. It’ll save you time and money, and help you quickly get dinner on the table every night.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you lots of luck in your money-saving goals!

1 Month Of Dirt Cheap Dinners
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